Haley Stevens & Jed Wyatt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

Jed Wyatt via Instagram Pictured: Jed Wyatt on 'The Bachelorette'

Jed Wyatt, one of the contestants on this season of The Bachelorette, has become a frontrunner as he’s sung (and kissed!) his way into Hannah Brown’s heart. While many fans have been rooting for their love story and for the two to end up together at the end of season 15, however, his ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens revealed in an interview with People that she and Wyatt were actually still dating when he left to film the reality show.

Wyatt, a country singer from Nashville, raised eyebrows from viewers of The Bachelorette a few weeks ago when he told Brown that he signed up to be on her season, at first, to gain visibility as an artist and hopefully advance his career. He assured her that though he entered with that mindset, it changed once he started getting to know her, saying “every moment that we’ve had has taken that away and shown me that now more than anything I want to be with you.” Stevens confirmed those initial motives to People, adding that though she knew Wyatt was going to be on the show, she did not know that it would ultimately cost her their relationship.

Here’s what you need to know about Haley Stevens and Jed Wyatt’s relationship:

1. Stevens Met Wyatt in Nashville Last October

According to People, the former couple met in October 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, where they both reside. Stevens says that Wyatt applied to be on The Bachelorette before they met and started dating.

Wyatt’s official bio for the show confirms that he is from Tennessee, but it also makes reference to a “last relationship [that] ended terribly.” Based on timing, it seems unlikely that that relationship was with Haley, since she said their relationship ended with him cutting off communication with her after he was already filming the show.

Stevens revealed that, when Wyatt returned home to Nashville, he didn’t reach out to her, and that she didn’t see him until bumping into him at a concert venue. When she tried to confront him about “ghosting” her, she said that he simply said “I didn’t know what to say.”

2. Haley Says They Were Together the Night Before Jed Left to Film ‘The Bachelorette’

According to Stevens, Wyatt reassured her, even when he was officially cast on season 15 of The Bachelorette, that he was “only doing this for [his] music,” and that it wouldn’t impact their relationship. She said they went on a trip together to the Bahamas after he was cast on the show, which a photo Wyatt posted on Instagram February 20, geotagged in the Bahamas, appears to confirm. Stevens also posted a photo from the same location, on the same date.

The night before he left for Los Angeles, where The Bachelorette starts its filming each season, she said they were together, and that when he landed in L.A. he called her and said “‘I love you, and I’ll call you when I get back.’”

She also provided People with a note allegedly written to her by Jed, which reads: “Haley, you’re truly an amazing person. Someday we will be thankful for all of this. You know where my heart will be. See you at the dock. – J.”

3. Stevens Is a Singer Like Wyatt, & Is Part of a Band Called ‘Sweet Leah’

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Jed Wyatt has demonstrated his musical talents on several occasions during this season of The Bachelorette, and it is apparent that his ex-girlfriend is a talented country artist as well.

Her website, haleystevens.com, redirects its visitors to the webpage for her band, named “Sweet Leah.” According to the country band’s bio, the band was founded by Haley and her friend Julia Kate Snow as a duo, but is now a five-person operation. Sweet Leah markets themselves as being “known for their shocking harmonies, no-holds-barred lyrics, and unforgettable stage presence, Sweet Leah is sure to have you grabbing another cold beer and singing along.”

4. There Are No Photos of the Two Together on Either of Their Instagram Accounts

As a front-runner on this season of The Bachelorette, it is no surprise that Jed has amassed a following over 240,000 accounts and counting. His recent posts have largely been to promote new episodes of the reality show and to showcase his music, but he hasn’t shied away from posting more personal photos with his friends and family.

What is missing from his Instagram feed, however, is any photo or video documenting his relationship with Haley. If they really were dating from October 2018 until March 2019 (when The Bachelorette began filming), he kept their relationship private on his social media, unless he scrubbed his social media of any photos of past relationships once his participation on The Bachelorette was revealed to the public.

Haley does not have any photos with Jed on her Instagram, either, but she provided People with a photo of the two posing together on the beach.

5. Haley Has Been Watching ‘The Bachelorette,’ Not Knowing How Things Turn Out for Jed & Hannah

Haley told People that while Jed was away filming, “I was following along on spoiler accounts, trying to figure out when my boyfriend was going to come home. I bought a homecoming outfit that I was going to wear to maybe pick him up at the airport.” Contestants are not allowed to use their phones while the show is in production, so it is unsurprising that Haley was otherwise out of the loop about what was happening with Jed and Hannah.

Once ABC began airing season 15 of The Bachelorette, Haley admitted that she tuned in to see what happened: “In the beginning I felt bad [watching the show] because I thought he loved me and was faking dating her. But then I thought, my boyfriend could be engaged to someone else. Seeing him kissing her for the first time was the worst day.”

Fans of The Bachelorette know that Jed is currently still a contender for Hannah Brown’s heart, and will be featured in Latvia with Hannah and the other 8 remaining men on next week’s episode. The fate of his relationship with Hannah Brown is yet unclear, but Haley made it clear that he burned any bridge to her and their relationship, telling People “part of me thinks I was the backup plan and he wanted me to be here in case it didn’t work out. I feel 100% betrayed.”

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