Who Is Mike Johnson on Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette?

Mike Johnson via Instagram Mike Johnson 'The Bachelorette'

One of the 15 men still left fighting for Hannah Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette is Mike Johnson, who has become the new fan favorite. After putting Season 15 villain Luke P. in his place, viewers are loving the Texas native contestant so much that if he doesn’t end up being the man proposing to Hannah at the end, there are rumors flying that he could become the first African-American star of The Bachelor.

So who is Mike Johnson? Here’s what you need to know….

The 31-year-old from San Antonio is an Air Force veteran who now works as a financial portfolio manager. Based on his Instagram posts, he’s also works as a part-time model. According to his official Bachelorette profile, he enjoys Krava Maga and hitting up trampoline parks.

Mike describes himself as “a city boy who likes to get down and dirty,” so it’s easy to understand why producers believed he’d be a perfect fit for Miss Hannah, and he seems to genuinely be quite smitten.

On the show, Mike opened up to Hannah about how he and his ex-girlfriend struggled through a miscarriage, and how they lost the baby during the second trimester. His ability to discuss how that painful experience was, and how it helped shape who he is as a man today, officially made Mike the fan favorite this season. Mike even earned himself a celebrity fan, with singer Demi Lovato adding to her Instagram story “Go Mike J!!!” with the heart eyes emoji.

Not only can is he man enough to talk about his feelings, Mike’s also the guy who stood up to Luke P. for being over aggressive in his pursuit of Hannah. When Luke P. claimed he body slammed the skinny, unassuming Luke S because he felt threatened by him on the rugby field, Mike laughed, shook his head and called BS. Speaking for all the guys, he also straight up told him that he’s all-around the most obnoxious person in the house.

Mike is also a family guy. On Instagram, he shows love for his parents and proudly posts pictures of his “sisterbear” Amber, who works as an Army captain based in Hawaii, and for whom he calls his favorite human.

Hopefully, Mike sticks around for quite some time this season, and if he doesn’t, he’s an absolute shoe-in to for summer’s Bachelor in Paradise. But as to whether or not he will succeed Colton Underwood as the next Bachelor star, only time will tell.

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