Sumit & Jenny’s Relationship Is a Secret from His Parents

Jenny & Sumit, 90 Day Fiance

TLC Jenny and Sumit are featured on this season of TLC's spinoff series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Here's everything we know about the couple.

Sumit and Jenny are a couple on the TLC spinoff 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The couple have gotten the most attention of the new couples, due to how they met and the fact that Sumit is trying to keep their marriage a secret from his parents.

Jenny is 60 years old and hails from Palm Springs, California. Despite having three daughters and four grandchildren, she’s decided to leave everything behind to start a new life with Sumit, who is 30 and lives in India. According to In Touch Weekly, Sumit’s parents do not approve of their son marrying a woman twice his age. Furthermore, his decision to marry Jenny goes against his culture’s tradition of an arranged marriage.

Sumit Has Decided to Keep His Marriage to Jenny a Secret

With these factors in mind, Sumit decided to keep his marriage a secret from his parents and his family. I’m getting married with Jenny,” he told a group of friends. “I’m not gonna inform my parents,” he added, upon being asked what they think. This should come as no surprise to viewers, who saw Sumit’s parents be less accepting to Jenny when they first met. Sumit’s mother, who lives with him, said that either she or Jenny will have to leave the house.

Jenny also kept her romance with Sumit from her kids until shortly before her move. “I never told you guys this ’cause I didn’t really want to talk about it,” she said on The Other Way. “But early on he actually didn’t tell me who he really was exactly.” There is also the matter of Jenny’s finances, which appear to be in flux since she quit her job at a Palm Springs resort. She won’t be able to receive social security payments from the United States government once she gives up American citizenship, and to make matters worse, she only had $6,000 in savings.

Sumit’s Mother Says That Either She or Jenny Will Have to Move Out of Sumit’s House

“As soon as I get to India, we have to get married so I can apply for a work visa and wait for it to get approved,” Jenny admitted. “I have to get a job. I need to hit the ground running.” She also told In Touch that Sumit has given her romantic hope after her previous relationship ended poorly. “I think that everyone’s entitled to happiness. I thought I found it once, I was married for 15 years,” she revealed.

“Everything was fine, as far as I knew, so when I found out that he was leaving me for somebody else, that was a huge blow to my self-esteem,” Jenny added. “After my divorce, life was scary. I didn’t really think I would find love again, to tell you the truth.”

In the teaser for tonight’s episode, Jenny arrives at the airport in India and begins to worry when Sumit isn’t there to greet her. “I left my whole life in America to come here and be with Sumit in India,” she tells the camera. “I quit my job. I sold my furniture, left my daughters, left my four grandkids. I mean, basically everything… If he doesn’t show up and be there for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is my worst nightmare.”

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