Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Predictions


Five black Suburbans pull up to a large, Spanish-style mansion to deposit five different couples at Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, premiering tonight on WeTV at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Each couple consists of a hip hop celebrity and that person’s romantic partner. Each couple is facing a challenge in their relationship, and the time has come to either repair the damage or terminate the situation.

The celebrity couples will spend two weeks living in the mansion together and going to couples therapy in an unorthodox open forum where all 10 people watch the therapy session and offer their input to the mediator, Judge Lynn Toler.

Who Are the Hip Hop Celebrity Couples?

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There’s Joseline Hernandez, the Puerto Rican Princess, and her boyfriend Balistic Beats. She wants to get married and he does not. Then Styles P and his wife Adjua arrive, saying they are bored with each other after suffering through their daughter’s suicide, infidelity and anger issues. Bianca Bonnie, known for being a featured singer in the song “Chicken Noodle Soup” suspects her boyfriend Chozus, who classifies himself as “very rare,” will leave her for a white girl and hacks his Instagram account.

Michel’Le feels unattractive around her much younger boyfriend Stew, who she tries to set up with other women only to get jealous after she initiates the encounters (which Stew does not follow through). Lastly, there’s CeeLo Green and his three-year finance Shani James who say that they have “past issues.”

While the celebrity half of each couple can articulate what they hope will be the romantic result of spending two weeks in a house with 10 people, the non-celebrity half of each couple expresses no opinion or disagreement with their celebrity half. The mediation sessions are predicted to produce a suboptimal outcome and what began as five separate couples should become an amorphous group of 10 by episode two.

What Is Going to Happen On Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Next?

Heavy spoke to Marriage Bootcamp producer, Thinkfactory Media, who revealed some of what is to come this season.

First, when the cast decides to have a pool party in which Joseline appears to be twerking and drinking champagne out of the bottle while she pours it down another woman’s throat, someone gets jealous and fights appear to break out in the house as people run around in towels on the preview video. Ballistic Beats smacks the champagne bottle out of Joseline’s hand and it shatters on the ground.

Second, during therapy drills, a fight erupts between two cast members, the producer says. Based on the therapy session in the preview video, tension seemed to be apparent between Joseline and her boyfriend who refuses to marry her while they’re up on the therapy stage. He also says his concerns are “communication, control and anger.”

Third, a sex day happens that the producer says, “opens up old wounds and reveals some boot campers’ dirty little secrets.” In a previous Hip Hop Edition, sex day included a day where the partners are supposed to FaceTime each other, but some of them decide to FaceTime other parties on the side. Again, the preview video for this season shows someone sending pics as they lay in bed.

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