Too Hot to Handle: Francesca Celebrates 1 Million Instagram Followers


Netflix "Too Hot to Handle" star Francesca Farago celebrated 1 million Instagram followers.

Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago celebrated an Instagram milestone: She surpassed 1 million followers. The model already had a generous following before the Netflix show debuted, with at least 350,000 followers. However, it seemed the star made garnered at least 300,000 followers from April 20 to April 21, with StyleCaster reporting the day earlier Francesca had 880,000 followers. At the time of publication, she had 1.1 million.

Francesca Was ‘Overwhelmed’ by the Support

Francesca, who lives in Vancouver, celebrated the milestone by posting a sensual picture. “one million of you guys. this happened so fast & the amount of love i’ve been receiving over the past few days has been so overwhelming & so amazing,” she wrote on April 21.

“It’s very difficult to publicly put yourself out there and take risks but I don’t regret any decisions (even the cringe ones lol) because everything that happened led me to where I am now,” she continued. “I AM SO excited to share more with you guys I know you all have SO many questions! only a few more days to wait, I promise.”

Francesca interacted with some of her fans in the comment section, telling them how much she appreciated their adoration. “i love you all so much my heart is exploding,” she wrote. The 26-year-old model also proposed doing a giveway, which could potentially be from her clothing line, Farago the Label.

Before appearing on Too Hot to Handle, Francesca had already achieved some fame. She had sponsorships with Fashion Nova and Revolve. There’s also a rumor claiming that she dated Diplo, but that hasn’t been confirmed by either party.

So far, none of the other contestants have garnered the same fame as Francesca. Harry Jowsey, who dated Francesca on the series, sits at 712,000 followers, Chloe Veitch has 322,000 followers and Rhonda Paul has 266,000 followers.

What Is ‘Too Hot to Handle’ About?

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NYC? @fashionnova jeans fashionnovapartner

A post shared by TOO HOT TO HANDLE (@francescafarago) on Feb 29, 2020 at 11:21am PST

Too Hot to Handle might seem like a typical reality dating TV show at first. It’s a bunch of young, conventionally attractive singles who are placed together on a beautiful island. On other TV shows contestants are allowed to partake in whatever consensual sexual activity they like, but what makes Too Hot to Handle different from the rest is not only are they not allowed to have sex, kiss or touch each other inappropriately, they lose prize money if they do.

In Season 1 of the series, the cast has a chance to win $100,000, but each time someone kisses, they lose $3,000. And if someone has sex? They can cost the group $20,000. More than that, one of the delightful and hilarious twists has been Lana, a robot in the shape white cone that monitors everyone’s sexual activity. She’s voiced by comedian Desiree Burch.

The description for the Netflix show more succinctly says, “On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win a $100,000 grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex.”

Without giving too much away, Francesca didn’t exactly follow the rules and became the contestant to watch early in the show.

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