Brie Bella and Husband Daniel Bryan’s Relationship During the Pandemic

Brie Bella

Getty "Total Divas" star Brie Bella, who is pregnant with baby No. 2, has been struggling with her marriage to Daniel Bryan.

Total Divas star Brie Bella, who is pregnant with baby No. 2, has been struggling with her marriage to Daniel Bryan. The pregnant E! star revealed on the reality show that they were growing apart in a sneak peek for Thursday’s episode.

Bella, 36, and 39-year-old Bryan–whose real name is Bryan Danielson–got married in 2014 after nearly three years of dating and a one-year engagement. They have one child together, 3-year-old daughter Birdie. Bella previously told People magazine she was “shocked” to find out she was pregnant since they had been trying to conceive for months and nothing was happening.

Bella and Bryan Have Reconnected

The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly led Bella and Bryan to form a deeper bond. While promoting Thursday’s show, the reality star hinted on Instagram they were able to reconnect after going on a couple’s retreat before the coronavirus pandemic swept the world.

“Tonight on #TotalBellas Bryan and I head to Sedona to reconnect and remind ourselves why we wanted this marriage,” she wrote on May 28. “It’s powerful and it’s exactly what we needed. Marriage takes work but it is amazing when you take the time to put in the effort what comes from it. I had to learn a lot this season but I’m so happy I did. Love conquers all!!!”

Days earlier, she shared a photo of them kissing, celebrating Bryan’s birthday. “Happy Birthday to my hubby @bryanldanielson 🎈no better person to celebrate than this humble, sweet, hilarious, lovely soul,” she wrote. “He’s brighten my life is soooo many ways and watching him as a Dad is the most beautiful thing to see. Love you SweetFace, all the way to Neptune!!”

Bella and Bryan Weren’t on Good Terms Before the Coronavirus Pandemic

Brie Bella Admits She "Could Be Happier" in Her Marriage | Total Bellas | E!The "Total Bellas" star gets candid about growing apart from her WWE hubby Daniel Bryan. Watch what Nikki and mom Kathy say. #TotalBellas #EEntertainment #BellaTwins #BrieBella #DanielBryan #NikkiBella #KathyLaurinaitis SUBSCRIBE: About Total Bellas: “Total Bellas” gives viewers an exclusive, intimate look into the VIP lives of WWE stars Nikki and Brie Bella beyond the…2020-05-28T13:14:48Z

While the couple has been seemingly able to work through their issues, it took some effort to get on better ground. “He and I both … We don’t have a lot of time together as a couple,” Bella confesses to her sister, Nikki Bella, and mother, Kathy Colace, in a sneak peek of Thursday’s episode. “At times we feel like single parents, when he comes back in town, I leave. We’re kind of growing apart, we’re not growing together.”

Bella added that things could be better and their busy schedules were affecting their marriage.

I just think the one thing we’ve really lost is when you just spend that time together, the quiet time. I mean, I guess … I know I could be happier. I know I could have a better marriage.

He makes little comments here and there, like ‘It used to be so simple, it used to be this and that’, sometimes I’m like ‘Why does he say that?’ Sometimes I feel like he wishes I was still that girl he met eight years ago.

To try to fix their relationship, the couple agreed to go on a retreat in Sedona, Arizona. “In the last eight years, Bryan and I have just wanted different things than what we’ve both wanted together in the beginning,” she told E! cameras in a confessional.

“I think we really need to come up with some compromises, and I know that if I want my marriage to work, I have to go into Sedona so honest,” she continued. “I can’t come back to Phoenix with any regrets.”

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