‘Naked and Afraid XL’ 2020 Spoilers: Did Kate Tap Out Tonight?


Discovery There were some major shakeups on Sunday's "Naked and Afraid XL," with one of the contestants tapping out.

There were some major shakeups on Sunday’s Naked and Afraid XL, with one of the contestants tapping out.

Naked and Afraid XL: Valley of the Banished has a twist that other seasons haven’t had: If the group isn’t getting along with a person, they can exile them. The same rule applies to any individual. If they don’t want to be in the group any longer, they can leave and try to find one of the other separate groups or they can try to survive alone.

THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING: If you do not want to be spoiled, please do not continue reading.

Makani Leaves Bulent and Kate Finds Wes & Gwen

While Makani and Bulent tried to make things work in their group after Kate left, Makani ultimately decided to go her own way. Things came to a head for them last week after Makani helped catch and fish and Bulent caught a rabbit, but Makani didn’t want to eat any of the meat.

For Bulent, it was a survival situation and he couldn’t understand why Makani, a vegan, wouldn’t take the opportunity to ingest the protein. The thought of eating animal flesh, however, made Makani ill.

When Sunday’s episode picks up, Bulent mocks Makani for making animal noises. Later, she tries to get Bulent to help her reinforce their shelter with clay, but he’s unwilling. After trying to talk it out with Bulent, but getting nowhere, Makani decides it would be better for her to try to survive on her own for the time being and find another group.

Bulent is thrilled with her decision, and offers her as much water as she’d like to drink to get ready for her journey. He sees her off, and then says all his problems have dissipated now that she’s gone. In an interview with Heavy, Bulent said he was never afraid to survive by himself and was ready to do the challenge alone because he knew that was always a possibility.

Kate, who previously left Bulent and Makani’s group, struggles on her first night away from camp. The temperatures are the coldest they’ve been in South Africa, and cameras showed her crying and screaming during her solo night. She doesn’t want things to end like they did in Panama, where she tapped out nearly two weeks into the experiment after battling the cold, and is determined to find a new group or better place to camp. That’s when she finds Gwen and Wes.

Suzänne and Seth are also struggling to get along. Their partnership is on the verge of collapse, with Suzänne feeling like she has assumed the mothering role in their duo. Tensions between them heighten after Suzänne catches Seth relaxing in a pool of water when there are plenty of things to do around the camp. At the end of the episode, neither have agreed to leave, but if things don’t change, it looks like one of them will be forced to leave.

Who Taps Out Early?


Gwen and Wes were happy to see Kate. They are starving after getting sick from eating aloe leaves and weak from their lack of food. They welcome Kate into their group, who tells them she banished herself and is a skilled hunter.

Things get off to a good start, with Kate shooting and hitting an impala. The trio tracks the blood, but after a few meters, the blood disappears. Kate is heartbroken. She’s sunburned, hungry, has blisters on her feet and her morale is the lowest it’s been. She feels defeated. After trying to make it 10 days in South Africa, Kate makes the decision to tap out.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Naked and Afraid XL when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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