Brittany Banks Responds After Rumored Boyfriend ‘Exposes’ Her

Brittany Yazan

Instagram "90 Day Fiance" star Brittany Banks responded after she was accused of cheating on boyfriend Yazan Zeyad Abu Harirah.

90 Day Fiance star Brittany Banks responded after she was accused of cheating on  boyfriend Yazan Abu Harirah by her rumored fling, Nigerian rapper KSlim. Brittany said she and KSlim only went on one date and she wasn’t interested in him. The rapper claimed she used him for money and she never mentioned Yazan until he brought him up.

Brittany denied the accusations against her via social media. She did not, however, say if she and Yazan were still together when she hooked up with KSlim. In fact, she didn’t mention Yazan in her statement at all.

“If we went on one date in the past or went out as friends and I didn’t talk to you again that means I wasn’t interested. We were not together and it’s nothing to get excited about,” Brittany wrote on her Instagram story on November 8, as noted by blogger 90 Day Fiance Now. “I’m a nobody and you can’t get fame off me. I barely get attention. I can’t help none of y’all wack ass careers. Try a new marketing strategy cus this aint’ it.”

Fans have been watching Brittany’s relationship play out on the TLC reality show. She returned back to the U.S. so she could finalize her divorce, something she’s been keeping a secret from Yazan. His refusal to dump the aspiring rapper left Yazan homeless, with his parents kicking him out of their house and firing him from his job. His father even threatened to kill Yazan if he chose to continue with the relationship.

Brittany Seemingly Dissed KSlim

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Dating ugh why can’t it be easy guys?

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She might have tried to indirectly deny hooking up with KSlim and threw a little shade his way, saying she only dates guys who are “put together.” The aspiring rapper also claimed that things were getting “creepy” and she threatened to call the authorities.

“I’ll never date a big sloppy looking ass man. If I date him, he look put together,” Brittany said. “I hate a ‘where my hug at’ dude that can’t stay in the friend zone. Ewww. You could possibly never. Leave me alone weirdo before I call the cops. Like FRFR shit getting creepy. I only knew you for two days and you clowning. It’s always the ones you never even kissed on the cheek that go psycho after one date.”

“Everybody fake,” she continued in another post. “Ion trust a soul. Ima be to myself forever.”

KSlim Said Brittany Just Used Him For His Money

Some 90 Day Fiance fans might remember when Brittany posted videos of herself boarding a private jet. Apparently, she went on that flight with KSlim and now he regrets linking up with the TLC personality.

“I took her on a [Private Jet] and gave her money and that b**** never once said thank you instead she kept asking for more money,” KSlim wrote in a private message, was shared by 90 Day Fiance blogger Totes The Memes. “I want to expose her.”

According to the rapper, Brittany didn’t talk about Yazan until Kslim inquired about him. “Never said a word about [Yazan] until I asked,” he said adding that Brittany said “she hated Jordan” and was “dissing” her boyfriend.

While on their trip, KSlim claimed he gifted Brittany $2,000 and paid for all their expenses, including two weeks in an Airbnb. He said he took the TLC personality to “the best restaurants” for every meal while they were in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Things ended when the money stopped. “Then when I stopped given her money she said I should’ve told her I wasn’t finically stable,” he claimed.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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