‘Idol’ Alum Daniel Seavey Stuns Fans & Critics With ‘Insane’ Solo Debut

Daniel Seavey

Daniel Seavey/YouTube Daniel Seavey in 2022 music video for "Can We Pretend That We're Good?"

Daniel Seavey went from babyfaced fan-favorite on “American Idol” to a global heartthrob in the boy band Why Don’t We. Now, amid the band’s ongoing legal battles with its management, the 23-year-old performer has launched his solo career with a new single and sexy music video that’s driving fans and critics wild.

Seavey Says ‘I’m a Wreck’ Before Music Video’s Debut

Daniel Seavey Then & Now

GettySinger Daniel Seavey in 2015 and 2022.

Seavey was just 15 when he competed on Season 14 of “Idol,” reaching the Top 9 in 2015. The following year, he and four fellow musicians launched the boy band Why Don’t We, which developed a rabid following and scored its first No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Charts in January 2021.

However, the band announced on July 6, 2022, that they were being forced to cancel their tour due to ongoing legal disputes with their management. According to Billboard, Why Don’t We’s manager Randy Phillips and the band’s former manager David Loeffler are suing each other over control of the band, each claiming they own the right to “direct and control” both the band and the solo careers of Why Don’t We’s five members, as well as of the group’s music, its masters and all its revenue streams.

In 2021, as the lawsuits were coming to light, Seavey and his bandmates accused Loeffler of abuse. When they refused to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records unless Phillips became their sole manager, Loeffler filed a lawsuit. Loeffler is also suing the band for “anticipatory breach of contract,” according to iHeart Radio.

As the legal disputes escalated in 2022, Why Don’t We had to freeze all activity and Seavey decided to begin working on developing his own signature sound and preparing for a solo release on Atlantic Records. It’s not clear how he managed to work around the legal fight over rights to his and his bandmates’ music, but he is clearly excited about the development.

In a Rolling Stone interview published on September 30, Seavey said, “My goal in every song is to make something nobody has ever heard. That may be cliché, but the music can speak for itself. I have been writing and producing the majority of my work completely on my own, in my house.”

That same day, his first official single, “Can We Just Pretend That We’re Good?” dropped, accompanied by a haunting music video partially filmed inside a church. The star, who has 2.2 million Instagram followers, teased the video on social media for several days in advance.

On the day of the release, he tweeted, “i’m a wreck today. like a good wreck. love u all so so much.”

Fans & Critics Go Wild For Seavey’s Debut Single

Daniel Seavey – Can We Pretend That We're Good? (Official Video)Daniel Seavey – Can We Pretend That We're Good? DanielSeavey.lnk.to/CWPTWGID Follow Daniel: DanielSeavey.lnk.to/TikTokID DanielSeavey.lnk.to/InstagramID DanielSeavey.lnk.to/YouTubeID DanielSeavey.lnk.to/TwitterID DanielSeavey.lnk.to/FacebookID DanielSeavey.lnk.to/StreamID #DanielSeavey #CanWePretendThatWereGood2022-09-30T15:00:14Z

Seavey’s first single and accompanying video, co-starring TikTok sensation Emma Norton as a  video vixen dressed head to toe in black lace, is already making waves in the music industry and among fans.

On October 1, Seavey and his team, which includes his brother and co-manager Tyler Seavey, reported on social media that the song had over 100,000 Spotify streams on its first day. The music video has also surpassed 200,000 views on YouTube.

MTV featured the video on its giant screen in Times Square, and also had Seavey take over its Instagram Stories on the day of the release, which his team saved and shared to Twitter. In the videos, he showcased how he plays multiple instruments and produces his music at his home studio.

E! News included the track in its “MixTapE” of must-hear songs, along with new singles from Shawn Mendes, Ciara and M.I.A., and Out Now Magazine called the tune “brilliant.” On October 3, Billboard included the single in its “10 Cool New Pop Songs to Get You Through The Week.”

Fans and friends are also going wild for the song and video, posting their reactions on TikTok, and flooding his Instagram posts and YouTube with praise.

One Instagram fan wrote, “SO PROUD to see you growing to become who YOU are :)”

Many fans are using the word “insane” to describe the release. One commented on YouTube, “So proud of you daniel, the song and the mv are insane!!!!”

Another wrote, “all i have to say is i’m absolutely in awe and just blown away by this song and mv. this song is a masterpiece, this is absolutely gold. everything about this song and mv is absolutely insane!”

Even video co-star Emma Norton wrote on Instagram, “SO OVERJOYED I COULD BE A PART OF THIS MASTERPIECE. INSANE.”

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