‘American Idol’ 2022 Winners & Spoilers: Top 14 Live Results

American Idol

ABC "American Idol" revealed the top 11 artists on April 24, 2022.

On the April 24, 2022 episode of ABC’s “American Idol“, the top 14 artists performed live coast-to-coast with hopes of receiving enough votes from viewers to make it through to the top 11.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Top 14 performances and top 11 reveal episode of “American Idol” follow. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know who made it through to the Top 11. 

Read on below for a live recap of the results as they aired. If you’d rather just have a list of which contestants made it through and which were eliminated, scroll to the bottom for that.

‘American Idol’ 2022 Top 14 Live Recap

The episode started with long-time “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest welcoming viewers to the first live coast-to-coast show of the season. He also welcomed Gabby Barrett, who worked as the mentor for the top 14 contestants. The theme for the night was “Breakout Hits.”

Jay Copeland was up first, and he shared that he was singing “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Lionel Richie called the performance “amazing” and said that it was the “first time” he chose the right song to sing. Katy agreed and complimented his restraint on the high notes.

Front-runner HunterGirl was the second person to perform, and she celebrated having Gabby Barrett as her mentor. She was performing “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. Gabby called her voice “classic country.” After her performance, the judges praised her. Katy said that she has a “voice of gold” and she wants “to see her win.” Luke called it her “best moment.”

Third up was Christian Guardino, who sang “Take Me To Church” by Hosier. He said that he wanted people to resonate with his words, and Gabby encouraged him to focus on the melody rather than doing something with every opportunity. Luke told him that he thought it was great that he took Gabby’s advice, but said that “if you’re not altogether comfortable” with something, don’t do it. Katy thought that he “did really good” and picked a good song for him.

Dan Marshall was up next, and he chose to sing “She’s Got It All” by Kenny Chesney, though he was nervous to meet Gabby. Lionel said “that’s how you do it” to Dan, but he said that he needed to take ownership of his “American Idol” journey and stop being so nervous. Katy said that it was “a great song choice,” but she wants to see more professionalism and better song choices from him, calling for “a couple more notes.”

Then, Leah Marlene took the stage to sing “Happy Together” by The Turtles. Katy told her that when she sang “the show has finally started,” which may have been a dig at everyone else who had performed up until that point. She obviously loved it. Luke said that her journey so far has been “inspiring and emotional.”

Fritz Hager performed next, and he was singing “Let It Go” by James Bay. Gabby’s advice was to take the song and make it his own. Luke called him “an artist” after the performance and said he felt like he was at Fritz’s show and not “American Idol.” Lionel also loved it, saying that he felt like he was able to pull everyone in. Katy said “I can’t play favorites, but you can see it in my eyes,” and she called for America to vote for Fritz.

Next to perform was Tristen Gressett, who chose to sing Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me.” Gabby called it “really risky,” and she advised him to choose his moments. He seemed to forget the words at one point, and he was definitely disappointed with his own performance, though Lionel called it “fabulous.” Katy applauded him for bringing the “drama” and commended him for “evolving.” He also got a nice video tribute from Adam Lambert, which made him emotional.

Lady K was up next, and she chose to sing “I Believe” by Fantasia. Gabby told her she needed to look more comfortable on the stage. The audience and judges loved it. Katy said that she was “elegance personified.” Luke said he loved watching her blossom into the artist she’s becoming now and that he loved that she didn’t choose over-the-top tricks while singing.

Allegra Miles chose to sing “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish, and Gabby wanted to help her so that she would stay in the competition, and she advised doing more falsetto throughout. Luke said that it was “why we saved you,” referring to the fact that she was in the bottom last week. He said she “nailed” the falsetto.

Next up was Ava Maybee, who sang “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Gabby’s advice was to pay attention to stage presence and be confident. Lionel was proud of her for “stepping into your light,” and he said that she needs to get out of her head for the song.

Mike Parker, who also had to be saved last week, was up next. He chose to sing “Hurricane” by Luke Combs. Gabby told him to keep his eyes open while singing to connect with the audience. Katy said that he was “authentic” country while singing. Luke called him a “fighter” and complimented him for “showing up.”

Emyrson Flora chose to sing “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Gabby told her to work on her stage presence and focus on her breathing. Luke told her that it was a great song choice. Lionel said that she has an “old, settled cry” in her voice. Katy compared her to Billie Eilish.

Second-to-last to perform was Noah Thompson, who chose “Nobody to Blame” by Chris Stapleton to sing originally, but then Gabby told him he didn’t seem like he was really connecting with the song. He ended up going with “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King instead. The change seemed to work for him, and the judges loved it. Lionel told him Gabby “gave you a gift” by changing the song. Luke told him his voice was “real and unique.”

The final spot of the night went to Nicolina, who sang “Hallelujah.” The judges loved it. Katy called it “angelic.” Luke said that she had “God-given talent” and it seemed like she had more talent than she should at her age. Lionel called it a natural gift and said she was “gifted beyond your years.”

‘American Idol’ Top 11 & Who Was Eliminated

Here’s who made it through:

  1. Leah Marlene
  2. Huntergirl
  3. Jay Copeland
  4. Fritz Hager
  5. Nicolina
  6. Noah Thompson
  7. Christian Guardino
  8. Lady K
  9. Emyrson Flora
  10. Mike Parker
  11. Tristen Gressett

Here’s who was eliminated:

  1. Allegra Miles
  2. Dan Marshall
  3. Ava Maybee

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