Live Feeds: Paloma Aguilar Says She ‘Hacked’ the Game of ‘Big Brother’


YouTube Paloma says she hacked "Big Brother."

Paloma Aguilar has already made waves in the “Big Brother” house. Within the first week, the 22-year-old secured multiple alliances, including a final two deal with Alyssa Snider.

Some “Big Brother” fans have praised Paloma’s strategic gameplay, while others have accused the California native of playing too hard, too fast.

In a conversation captured by the 24-hour live feeds, Paloma told Monte she figured out how to win the game, telling the personal trainer, “I know everything.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Paloma Aguilar Says She Knows How the Game Will End

In the premiere episode, Paloma received one of Pooch’s backstage passes, which put her in a difficult position.

Unable to compete for her safety this week, Paloma had to rely on her social game. The interior designer went into overdrive to secure her place in the house. She formed alliances, tried to influence the Head of Household’s nominations, and painted a target on Taylor’s back.

While Paloma’s ability to schmooze the houseguests is undoubtedly impressive, her inability to withhold information may be her downfall.

A Twitter user named Bennettslife shared a clip that shows a confident Paloma stating how she will win the game.

“I think I have unlocked the key to this game,” she told Monte. “Everyone is speaking to me. I know everything.”

Paloma said she already knows how to win “Big Brother,” telling Monte, “I can tell you the end game results. I’m at checkmate. Checkmate is me winning money .”

The 22-year-old went on to say that she plans to use her winnings to invest in her fellow houseguests’ businesses.

“I love you guys too much to take that money and run,” she said. “I will give you money.”

Paloma Aguilar on How She Hacked ‘Big Brother’

After Paloma shared her plan to split the money, she explained how she “hacked” the game of “Big Brother” in five days.

She told Monte, “I had to solve it till the end. [It] took me five days to do it. But I had to solve this whole entire game till the end. Otherwise, I can’t sleep at night.”

Paloma then began to divulge her entire strategy to Monte, explaining her plan to win the game in detail.

“I lowkey don’t [want to] be HOH at all during this whole game,” she said. “With the chessboard, it doesn’t work. I don’t want any blood on my hands since I’m talking to everyone.”

“I want everyone to believe I’m their friend, and if I’m HOH, [I] have to put two people on the block,” she continued.

The conversation ended with Paloma saying she “hacked the game.”

“I really do believe I hacked the game,” she said. “I like unlocked it with my brain. My crazy motherf***ing brain. In five days, [my brain] has figured out the ins and outs of “Big Brother.'”

Watch the full clip HERE. 

How to Watch the Live Feeds

The 24-hour live feeds are available on Paramount Plus. Fans can access the feeds by signing up for a Paramount Plus subscription.

The streaming service offers two subscription plans. Users can either pay $4.99 a month or sign up for a premium subscription plan for $9.99 a month and enjoy advertisement-free content.
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Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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