Here’s How to Get Cast on ‘Big Brother’

Julie Chen Moonves has hosted Big Brother since its inception in the summer of 2000.

CBS Julie Chen Moonves has hosted Big Brother since its inception in the summer of 2000.

Have you always wanted to play Big Brother? Season 23 is casting now and a casting agent just gave some great tips for applicants. Here is what you need to know, fans.

It’s the First Time Casting Has Reached Out to Reddit

Casting associate Ryan Higgins recently posted a thread to Reddit — he was verified by the moderators to be legit — to alert everyone to the casting process for season 23.

“Spreading the word here on Reddit that casting for the upcoming 23rd season of Big Brother has officially started! If you or someone you know wants to apply, head over to the CBS website and apply. If you have any questions / or need tips – please contact me on Instagram (rynocerus). Thank you! PS – please help spread the flyer around! We want this to be the best cast ever!” wrote Higgins.

A commenter said he’s the first casting person to ever “dip your toe into BB Reddit” and that the Redditors are looking forward to big “gamers” this year.

“YES. Send the gamers to me!” said Higgins, adding, “We LOVE big gamers. We also love people who will elevate the gameplay and evolve it forward in their own unique way.”

He also revealed that phone calls for the semifinals round of casting will start “soon,” so get your video submitted ASAP — but he assured fans that “every single audition tape is watched.”

Higgins Advised To Be Yourself and Showcase What Makes You Unique

One commenter remarked that in the past, they’ve seen casting directors advise applicants “not to talk about being a big fan or talk strategy because it’s boring and they want to see us.”

“Very much this,” responded Higgins. “It can be daunting hearing people mention the same thing over and over. It’s safe to assume that if you’re applying, then you are more than likely a big fan. We don’t necessarily need to hear a long list of who your favorite players are. If you do mention who your favorite player is, that’s also fine! But how can you take their strategy and make it unique and your own? How can you evolve it and push it forward even more? What makes you different? We love to hear that.”

He also said that while they do want “gamers,” there are “other characteristics” they take into account.

“Are you good at storytelling? Those diary room sessions can get looong. What is something funny or unique about you? Hook us with that. How are you a hustler (at work, at life, etc) and how will that overflow or be incorporated into your gameplay/strategy?” advised Higgins.

The commenters were also saying they are ready for “a cast of fans,” not just Instagram influencers and people who want to become famous, to which Higgins replied, “We are listening.”

He also said social media presence is not a requirement — “You could have zero social media presence and audition and make it on the show.” — but he did say that they do look at social media because it lets them “take a deeper look at people being able to see them in their real, everyday lives.”

Higgins also assured the fans that they are “on the same page” in terms of looking for people who want to win and not just make it to the jury.

CBS recently shook things up in the casting department by letting longtime casting director Robyn Kass go. But she has been casting the show since its inception. The new casting director is Jesse Tannenbaum, who was the casting director for the streaming-only season, “Over the Top,” which a lot of fans think was the best cast in years on the show. Between that casting director switch and this Reddit thread from Higgins, we have high hopes for the season 23 cast.

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season. Big Brother Canada returned for its ninth season on March 3.

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