‘Big Brother 23’ Alums Feud on Twitter Over Todrick Hall

Todrick and the cookout

Instagram/Todrick Hall Todrick Hall with 'Big Brother 23' alums.

After the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, several “Big Brother 23” alums gathered in Los Angeles for a reunion.

Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Whitney Williams, Britini D’Angelo, Hannah Chaddha, Azah Awasum, and Derek Xiao were among the alums who got together for finale night.

All seemed well on their Instagram stories, but after the reunion ended, Whitney Williams and Derek Frazier began to feud on Twitter. It started when Derek tweeted a picture of Whitney sitting in Todrick Hall’s house. The tweet has since been deleted, but Derek called Whitney out for expressing discomfort with associating with Todrick and then visiting his house.

“I’m going to be completely honest.. seeing so much stuff like this on Todrick and other house guests is furthering my consideration of canceling my trip to LA next week,” Whitney tweeted on February 19.

Whitney quote tweeted Derek’s now-deleted tweet, writing, “This is some joke right? I was with Azah and we wanted to see you, Brit, Ky, and Hannah.. we literally stopped by for maybe an hour.”

Whitney Says Derek is Just Causing Drama to Stay Relevant

Whitney wrote on Twitter that she saw Derek’s friend snapping a picture of her at Todrick’s house and “honestly wondered if they would do something like this, but then we got along so well(at least in my mind) that I dismissed it.”

She continued on to say, “I genuinely thought we were over this beef. Now I feel like an IDIOT for hugging this man.” In another tweet, she said she thinks Derek was just going after her for attention. “A handful of our cast mates have been chosen for a show he’s been wanting to go on… clearly Derek feels left out and wants to stay reverent (sic) by stirring up some catty Twitter drama.”

Fans seem to think Whitney was referring to the reality show “The Challenge,” although the cast list has not yet been announced.

“I chose to delete tweets because I decided this isn’t the platform where I want to have certain conversations. Screenshot, speculate, and have opinions all you mf’s want,” Derek tweeted after deleting his original tweet and subsequent replies to Whitney.

Whitney Is Hurt That Her Castmates Didn’t Stand Up for Her

After the fight with Derek, Whitney tweeted about feeling hurt that no “Big Brother 23” alums had come to her defense.

“I can’t help but feel hurt that no one from my cast has stood up for me once. I had one s***ty attempt at a joke, which I have continue to apologize for, otherwise I never said negative word about anyone,” she wrote. She was referring to an incident where she referred to Asian American houseguest Derek Xiao’s genitals as his “egg roll.”

“I understand not wanting to get involved, but I’ve felt completely isolated for the most part in and out of the house,” she continued in another tweet.

‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Taking Whitney’s Side

“Big Brother” fans aren’t happy with Derek’s hypocrisy. They don’t think he should be attacking Whitney when he’s stayed silent on his friend Todrick’s behavior on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

One Twitter user responded to Derek’s tweet about deleting tweets, “Translate; that tweet didn’t go as I planned and I woke up being dragged by Twitter because I refuse to call out Todrick but so easily did with Whitney.”

On a Reddit thread discussing the Twitter feud, one “Big Brother” fan wrote, “I feel so bad for her – it must hurt so badly to see people you thought were friends defend an actual s***ty person and continue to s*** on you and refuse to defend you against ONE comment that you apologized for.

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