Why ‘Below Deck’ Chef Rachel Hargrove & Her Boyfriend Split

Rachel Hargrove

NBCUMV Rachel Hargrove

Below Deck is back for another season, and that means Chef Rachel Hargrove is, too!

Last charter season, Hargrove revealed that she was dating a man named Vincenzo, who lived in Italy. There were many times during the season that Hargrove spoke about missing him, and, at one point, she even cried because of the long-distance relationship. However, shortly after “Below Deck” season 8 premiered, Hargrove and her boyfriend broke up. During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the star opened up about the split, explaining that her ex didn’t want her filming the Bravo show.

“I got an ultimatum of, ‘Please don’t film that show.’ And then, ‘Why are you still working on boats?’” Hargrove told the outlet. “So I was, like, ‘Well, you met me doing it.’”

Hargrove continued, explaining that it’s hard to have a relationship when you work in yachting. “It’s extremely difficult,” Hargrove said. “I mean, it is what it is, especially if your partner’s not on the vessel with you. You’re out of port for so long and that individual is alone to their own devices. So there can be insecurities that arise and arguments or misunderstandings that happen.”

Viewers can catch the season 9 premiere of “Below Deck” on Monday, October 25, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo. The season will also be available on Peacock, NBC’s new streaming platform.

Hargrove Teased Her Romantic Life On The Boat This Season

When speaking with Us Weekly, Hargrove also teased her romantic life this season, and what’s to come–and it sounds pretty juicy.

“I don’t know,” Hargrove said.  “I’m not going to ruin it for the viewers at all. The reason why is because I’m very, very excited about this season. It’s a lot of fun and I hope there are no spoilers because I want everybody on their seats every Monday and Tuesday night watching this, streaming it on Peacock and getting so excited. I want Reddit to blow up about it. I want Facebook groups. I want everybody just on the edge of their seat waiting for the next week when we finish that episode.”

Hargrove Is Not The Only Returning Cast Member This Season

During the upcoming season of “Below Deck,” Hargrove is not the only familiar face viewers will be seeing. Eddie Lucas is also back, this time, as a First Officer, which means he helps assist the captain. Last season, Lucas was a bosun.

“It was definitely a much more difficult season for me, having a lot of pressure still kind of managing the deck crew as bosun but then also having the responsibilities of first officer and dealing with a lot more leadership responsibilities,” Lucas recently revealed to E! News.

Lucas continued, “And dealing with issues with crew members and trying to make them happy but also make them understand the responsibilities of their job and the work at hand. And trying to put out the best possible product for the guests.”

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