Will Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Cut Cruz’s Hair Soon?

Getty Images Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have no plans to cut their son's hair.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s son, Cruz, will turn 1 in April 2022, and has never had his hair cut. Like many new parents, the former “Vanderpump Rules” stars have decided to let Cruz’s hair grow out, and they’ve even resorted to putting in a ponytail on top of his head because it is so long.

For the most part, fans have only had positive things to say about baby Cruz and how cute he is. Most of the comments on Jax and Brittany’s photos of Cruz have been from people who think that Cruz is the cutest baby, and most think that his long, blond locks are simply adorable.

However, one question that some fans seem to want to know is when the couple plans on cutting Cruz’s hair — and Jax answered it during a recent Q&A on his Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jax & Brittany Have No Plans to Cut Cruz’s Hair

During a Q&A on Jax’s Instagram Stories just before the Christmas holiday, a couple of people asked the former reality star when he and his wife planned on giving their son’s hair a trim.

“Are y’all gonna cut Cruz’s hair?” one person asked. “Not any time soon,” Jax responded.

“Why do you put [Cruz’s] hair in [a] ponytail?” someone else asked. “We don’t want to cut his hair, so keeping it in a ‘top knot’ keeps it out of his face,” Jax answered.

Although Jax and Brittany are no longer on television, they tend to keep their fans up-to-date on the goings on in their lives, and often shared photos and videos on social media. While these two get their fair share of online trolls, most true fans have praised them for being such great parents to Cruz — and many don’t seem to mind that they’ve chosen to allow Cruz’s hair to grow out.

They will cut Cruz’s hair when they are ready. And, for the time being, he will rock a man-bun, “top knot” or a ponytail.

Jax & Brittany Showed off Cruz’s ‘Man Bun’ in October 2021

Back in October 2021, the couple shared a pic of Cruz with his hair in a “man bun” high atop his head. “Cruz’s first man bun. I can’t even deal,” the caption of the Instagram post read. Someone took to the comments section of the post to make a suggestion.

“Boymom tip: do not cut his baby hair as long as you can!! After the first haircut, their hair is never the same and they look like little men,” the Instagram user commented. Either Jax or Brittany commented from the Little Baby Cauchi Instagram account. “Trust me I’m not cutting these gorgeous locks for a while,” the response read.

Several social media users couldn’t get over just how cute Cruz looked with his new hairstyle.

“My son is 2 now and has been rocking a man bun since around 6 months old!!! I love it! Cruz is so cute,” one person wrote.

“This might be the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” another comment read.

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