Danica McKellar Reveals: ‘I Felt I Was … Inescapably Evil & Didn’t Know It’

Getty Danica McKellar attends the 2018 Hallmark Channel Summer TCA.

Hallmark star Danica McKellar recently shared on Instagram some deep feelings about struggles she had in 2020. She revealed that she had felt like she was somehow “inescapably evil” until she started reading posts by Carlos Whittaker. She opened up about the journey that led to her recently starring on his podcast.

McKellar Said That Last Spring, She Feared She Was ‘Inescapably Evil’

McKellar opened up about her struggles in a recent Instagram post.

She wrote, in part:

Last Spring I felt like I was in a tailspin about so many things… not the least of which was the notion that I was somehow inescapably evil and didn’t know it… just because of the color of my skin. Some of his posts last April and May gave me a new hope during that time and taught me to see past irrational fears to the truth, and to see the unity that exists between all colors on this planet. Are there issues? Oh yes – all kinds. Are they insurmountable? Not at all. I have found him to be a beacon of hope and love, reconciling things I hadn’t been able to articulate and more. 🙏

She said that Carlos Whittaker’s posts made a big difference in her life last year and the struggles she was dealing with.

In response to one person’s comment on her post she wrote: “It was a VERY confusing time for me! I feel so much better now. And Carlos really helped. 😍”

Whittaker replied to her post, writing: “You are one of the greatest gifts I’ve stumbled upon the last year. Cheering you on my friend.”

According to Whittaker’s website, he describes himself as a “Hope Dealer” whose work includes authoring books, speaking, and more. He’s a former recording artist and a People’s Choice Award winner. Right now, he spends most of his time writing and speaking. His books include Moment Maker and Kill the Spider, which he describes as a book focused on locating and killing “spiders that are plaguing our lives.”

He recently published a new book called Enter the Wild.

McKellar Starred on His Recent Podcast & They’re Now Friends

McKellar recently starred on Whittaker’s recent podcast.

She wrote on Instagram:

And now… he has an *amazing* podcast, and I’m thrilled to be his guest on today’s episode, talking about all sorts of things that will lift your soul and give you a sense of your purpose on this planet. (And also some stories about being a child actor. 😋) It was a great conversation! … Sending you all TONS of love. We *are* getting through this turbulent time; we just have to keep seeking out hope so we can find our centers, know our purpose, and breathe. And I’m incredibly honored to call @loswhit – one of our country’s most precious “hope dealers” – a true friend. ❤

Whittaker shared details about the podcast on his Instagram page, writing:

I’ve got ZERO CHILL about all of our favorite human from the 80’s & 90’s and soon to be your favorite human from 2021 Danica McKellar being in this weeks episode of the #HumanHopePodcast!

Lots of us grew up with Danica as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years while simultaneously yelling at Kevin Arnold to not screw this opportunity up! Danica is one of the most Hope filled humans I know…From fighting human trafficking, to writing math books that teach girls that being smart is cool… From acting in @hallmarkmovie@matchmakermysteries to becoming a “professional dancer” in @dancingabc… This is simply the conversation you need to bring some Hope back in your life after a VERY HEAVY WEEK.
Just head to your fav podcast app and search for “Human Hope” (just added stitcher podcasts this week!) and I’ll see you in your earbuds!!! Oh and please go follow @danicamckellar and let her know how much her wisdom meant to you!
(And yes I shared som of my thoughts on @bachelorabc ATFR!)

You can listen to the podcast below:

Back in December Whittaker shared a post on Facebook and said that McKellar was an inspiration to him too.

He wrote:

Stopped by Scott & @danicamckellar’s house for a quick lunch with new friends that turned into a long lunch with old friends…I love it when the real life version of someone out punts the tv version. I’m so inspired by their heart to rid the world of human trafficking and all the other projects they are a part of. Every Tuesday Danica trains us on her socials how to spots the signs of trafficking. So. Inspiring. They are WONDERful. 🖤 Who inspires you on social media these days and why??? @ Los Angeles, California

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