Kardashian Friend Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Getty Close Kardashian friend and celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan shared with fans that she was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Close Kardashian friend and celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan shared with fans that she was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Achemyan posted a photo of her swollen stomach via Instagram on Monday, January 11.

Achemyan captioned the photo, “Putting all the Rumors to Rest. Watch my journey as I battle cancer. It was extremely hard for me to share this journey with everyone after 2 months of contemplating, I mustered up to courage to post the video.”

Achemyan linked a YouTube video titled, “Putting Rumors to Rest: The Truth About My Silent Battle.” In the nearly 20-minute video, the makeup artist explains to her followers that doctors found a mass in her left ovary during a routine pap smear. Five biopsies later, Achemyan was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer.

Achemyan Explained She Was in ‘Shock’

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“I was in shock and couldn’t even say the word ‘cancer’ out loud,” she said during the video. “I can’t stress enough for you guys to get checked out annually and be tip-top shape because ovarian cancer is a silent and deadly killer. It doesn’t discriminate. When you find out, it’s a little too late, but thank you, lord, for having this amazing doctor in my life.”

The 33-year-old Kardashian friend takes her followers along for a procedure at her gynecologist’s office during the video. Achemyan’s gynecologist is Dr. Thais Aliabadi, the same OB-GYN who delivered Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian’s daughters, per People.

Dr. Aliabadi proceeded to remove the mass from Achemyan, and she explained what recovery would look like for her. “We have to check in a month if the mass grows back, but for now I am okay,” Achemyan shared with viewers.

She added in the video, “I’m crying because I’m happy. I never knew I could be this person that could even express this much emotionally with you all. Especially because I’ve been brought up to be very private. It’s so crazy to me that I feel so free now.”

Celebrities & Fans Shared Well Wishes for Achemyan

Achemyan’s Instagram post and YouTube video were flooded with messages of hope and prayers. Kardashian hairstylist Justine Marjan commented under her Instagram post, “I’m so sorry Hrush ❤️ thinking of you and wishing you a healthy recovery.”

Model and close Kardashian friend Winnie Harlow showed her support commenting, “God bless love. you got this! Sending you love & light.” Singer and actress Becky G wrote, “Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers mama. Stay strong. You’re so brave and not alone!” Television personality XiXi Yang commented, “Thank you for speaking on this!!!!!!”

Fellow beauty mogul Chloe Morello shared her hope writing, “I’m so so sorry Hrush. I can’t believe you’ve been going through this after the other health issues you’ve had. That doctor seems amazing you’re in good hands. let me know if you need me for anything love u.” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne echoed the sentiment commenting, “Love u.”

Since her initial post, Achemyan has given an update on her thoughts and feelings. She posted a photo of herself relaxing in satin pajamas. Achemyan captioned the photo, “I asked GOD, ‘Why are you taking me through troubled water?’ He replied, ‘Because your enemies can’t swim.'”

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