‘The Challenge’ OG Calls Out Co-Star: ‘My Right to Not Give a F*** About Them’

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MTV Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars

The entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars” is now available on Paramount Plus and cast members have been sharing their thoughts about the season online. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars” including the winner of the show.

The first season of the popular spin-off season was won by Yes Duffy, who showcased his wide range of skills and his endurance in the two-day final as he and his various partners powered through the different checkpoints. The bottom team after the first leg of the checkpoint was purged out and it ended up being Jisela Delgado and Derrick Kosinski.

However, perceptive fans noticed that Yes completed his puzzle at the same time as Jisela but waited until Jemmye Carroll was also done to put the final piece in so the two could be paired up for the canoe race to the second checkpoint. Because of that move, Jisela partnered up with Derrick and they came in last place and were eliminated.

Yes addressed that moment on the “Challenge Mania” podcast with Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager and confirmed that it was a strategic move so he wouldn’t be “stuck” with Jisela. A fan called out Yes for his comments and tagged Jisela, writing, “@JiselaDelgado just listened to Yes on Derrick’s podcast. Mr female empowerment didn’t want to get ‘stuck’ with you on the final? And why does Derrick get no blame for figuring out the canoe?”

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Jisela Had a Strong Reply to the Comment Made By Yes, Who Also Said Jisela Was an Ally of His Going Into ‘All Stars’

Before Jisela had the chance to respond to the fan comment, Scott jumped into the conversation and explained, “I heard Derrick’s podcast too. And I am pretty sure Yes was referring to her leg injury, not her canoe prowess. But maybe I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

Jisela replied to the conversation and wrote, “Lol [Yes] game play does not surprise me. I don’t think anyone wanted to be my partner on the finale due to my circumstances and I’m ok with that, it’s their right to feel that way. It’s my right to not give a f*** about them too.” Yes replied to the entire conversation by writing the “100%” emoji, perhaps in reply to Scott’s interpretation of his comment.

Yes actually revealed on the “Challenge Mania” podcast that he thought Jisela would be one of his closest allies heading into the season because they worked together on his initial seasons in the early 2000s. He said, “I’m just on Level 1 on that sort of ‘Challenge’ wisdom. I’m in beginner mode right now. For me, Jisela was my biggest ally back in 2003,” and he said she was one of the loudest voices against his elimination.

Jisela Just Underwent Knee Surgery for a Torn ACL, Meniscus & Broken Tibia Suffered on the Show

The injury that Jisela suffered during her elimination win before the final was a serious one, she later revealed, and one she just underwent surgery for this week. She said she wrapped her leg and wore a brace for the final challenge but her male costars likely didn’t want to risk being her partner because of the injury.

Jisela later revealed, “I actually tore my ACL, I tore my meniscus, and I fractured my tibia. I was in my bed crying at night, it hurt so bad. I’ve never had a sports injury so I thought it was like a sprain. ‘Ibuprofen in the morning, I’ll run this final, and I’ll be good.’ To know now how serious it was, that was crazy.”

Jisela also said that she’s looking at six to nine months of recovery and rehabilitation after surgery before she’ll be back to normal and able to compete again.

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