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This week’s episode of “The Challenge” finished on an explosive note as Fessy Shafaat, who formed one half of the Agency, decided to throw Amber Borzotra into elimination despite his best friend and ally Josh Martinez begging him not to. The move will likely have a big impact on not only the large veteran alliance, but also on the Big Brother alliance of Josh, Fessy and Kaycee Clark.

Michele Fitzgerald and Corey Lay were voted into elimination by the house as they were the only rookie-rookie team remaining in the game, and Fessy and Esther Biade decided to put in Hughie Maughan and Amber against them. During the episode, Fessy shared his concerns about Amber’s loyalty to Josh after the “Double Agents” season and said he didn’t trust her. Josh repeatedly reassured Fessy that Amber wouldn’t be able to go after him anyway as long as they’re partners and asked him to keep her out.

Despite that, Fessy threw in Amber, and she and Hughie defeated Corey and Michele, setting up the next episodes for some interesting repercussions and fallout. After the episode aired, Johnny Bananas discussed what went down on his podcast “Death, Taxes, and Bananas” with special guest Justina Valentine.

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Bananas Criticized Fessy’s Move & Said Things Would Likely Get Ugly

Bananas spoke about the power move and said he doesn’t think it was the right idea. “It’s not like he was in a position where, ‘If I don’t take this shot now, my a** is on the line,'” he explained. “I don’t see how it helped his game at all.” He said this is the second time now that Fessy’s made a major mistake like this:

I think this is the second season in a row that Fessy has made a pretty ill-advised move. Last season sending himself in against Nelson [Thomas], basically blowing up his alliance there, and then this season, throwing in his best friend’s partner that he told not to throw in.

He said he thinks Fessy is a great competitor physically, but in terms of playing the game politically or strategically, “from an intelligence standpoint,” he said it’s “not great.” The seven-time champ concluded, “You just upset the female winner of last season and your best friend, so this is gonna get ugly.”

Fessy Explained on the ‘Aftermath’ Show That He Felt It Was His Best Move at That Time Because Amber Wouldn’t Have His Back

Fessy gave more context to his move and explained why he chose Amber on “The Challenge Aftermath,” which aired after the fourth episode. He explained that he and Amber didn’t talk at all in their first season together and he only considered her to be in the alliance because she was on good terms with Kaycee and Josh.

He said going into “Spies, Lies and Allies,” the two still weren’t talking at all in the house. He said once he won his second mission with Esther, he was thinking, “I still haven’t talked to her, she’s cool with every guy in this house, Devin and Kyle she’s buddy-buddy with, she’s got Josh, Cory, all these people, I’m on the bottom of her list.”

Fessy told Devyn Simone that when they walked into the Lair, Josh was continually telling him not to put in Amber and putting a lot of pressure on him. Fessy explained, “I’m going with this because he’s literally trying to take charge of my win and stuff. … You’re supposed to be my boy, take the night off, you’re safe obviously.” However, he said he now wishes that he’d had a conversation with Amber after seeing how strongly they both felt about it. “Maybe if me and her would have sat down and had a conversation, and been like cool and comfortable with each other, that wouldn’t have happened,” he explained, but neither of them made the effort.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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