‘The Challenge’ Star Opens Up About Health Struggle: ‘I Was Really, Really Sick’

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KellyAnne Judd is one of the OG stars of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 battling it out for her share of $500,000 and she’s one of several veterans that has appeared on more than one season of the hit spinoff show, first making her comeback on season 1.

Although KellyAnne is often referred to by the other women on “All Stars 3” as a strong competitor due to her strength and fitness from practicing yoga, she revealed on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” recently that she was actually very sick during the filming of season 3.

The “Real World: Sydney” star told co-hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira, “I’ll tell you; I was not physically well this season. My health stuff got really bad after my dog got sick, from the stress. So all my stuff got really, really bad,” she said. KellyAnne mentioned she and her fiance were struggling with mold poisoning at home and it could have been a contributing factor for her health problems.

“We’re trying to figure out exactly what else is going on, but it goes back and forth of how I’m feeling,” she continued. “I was having quite a few decent months on season 1, and it just hit me really hard. So in Panama, I was really, really sick and during the progression of the show, I got much more sick.”

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KellyAnne Revealed After Season 1 of ‘All Stars’ That She Was Bedridden for Nearly 2 Years

It’s not the first time the reality star has opened up about her health struggles as she revealed back when season 1 was airing that she was “really sick for a few years.” The “All Stars” season 1 finalist told Us Weekly, “I have heavy metal poisoning and so I was bedridden for almost two straight years.”

KellyAnne said her health began getting better about half a year before the first season filmed. “I hadn’t worked out,” she explained. “Every time I’ve tried to move, I’d pull my back because one of the things that heavy metal can do is cause full-body inflammation. So, lifting my arms would be exhausting — just lifting them.”

She also explained that the effects would get worse when she would be stressed and she suffered memory loss. “There were times when, like, my brain would try to tell my hands to move, but my hands wouldn’t move for a couple of seconds. It’s really weird,” she revealed at the time.

KellyAnne Has Been Targeted Throughout the First Half of ‘All Stars’ Season 3

Warning: This section contains spoilers about the first five episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3, now airing on Paramount+.

KellyAnne has been on the outs with the majority of the female contestants during the first half of the season as she and Kendal Sheppard were seen as the top targets of the Treehouse alliance, consisting of Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Elsrode and Veronica Portillo, as well as Jemmye Carroll and Tina Bridges before their exits.

Kailah, who’s been one of the more vocal Treehouse members, said they were targeting Kendal and KellyAnne because they’re strong competitors. However, KellyAnne told Tori and Aneesa, that the comments from the other women about her were innacurate, sharing, “I don’t think I was the biggest threat just with the way my condition was at that time.”

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