‘The Challenge’ Champ Wes Bergmann Gives Savage Warning to Co-Stars

Johnny Bananas & Wes Bergmann

Getty Johnny Bananas (L) and Wes Bergmann attend the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 15, 2019 in Santa Monica, California.

Three-time champion of “The Challenge,Wes Bergmann, has a strong message for anyone who decides to “cross” him on the show.

The following article contains spoilers for Paramount+’s “The Challenge: All Stars 3.” 

Wes recently picked up his third championship during “The Challenge: All Stars 3” after beating out his friends Brad Fiorenza and Nehemiah Clark in the final.

On the women’s end, Jonna Mannion earned her second straight title in a row, besting Kailah Casillas and Nia Moore.

Heavy’s Stephen McCaugherty spoke with the two “All Stars 3” champions about their win and what’s next, and you can watch the full interview below via the embedded YouTube video:

'The Challenge' Champions Wes & Jonna Celebrate Winning 'All Stars 3,' Playing Again, MoreStephen McCaugherty spoke with "The Challenge: All Stars 3" champions Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion for Heavy.com. You dive into their respective wins, the final, their plans for participating in another season and much more. (00:00) – Intro (00:09) – Talking Jonna's quick rise to double-champ status (02:25) – Wes compares his three championship wins…2022-07-14T22:22:11Z

Wes Elaborated on His Recent Instagram Post Stating What He Wanted to Do Was Make His Rivals’ Lives ‘Miserable’

During the interview, Wes was asked about something he wrote on Instagram after the final episode of the season aired on Paramount+. Specifically, Wes wrote:

“Will I return? Yes, probably. But I will not return with the intent of winning. Only with the intent of trolling. It’s time others win. I’m now just going to show up to make the lives of anyone that looks at me sideways MISERABLE. I will take the worst human on the cast and back them into a corner until they beg for forgiveness – to which I will never grant.”

During the interview, Wes confirmed that he doesn’t “care” about winning the show again. “The Real World: Austin” alum wants to help his allies pick up a championship and if someone decides to take a shot at him, Wes said he’ll throw the full weight of his game on top of them.

Wes said that his “bad guy” reputation has led to him being the most “bullied cast member over the course of a ‘Challenge’ career.” And so now that he’s comfortable with not taking home the “W,” he’ll make those who “disrespect” him pay.

Wes Takes Aim at Anyone Who Decides to ‘Cross’ Him

“I don’t need to win,” Wes said. “I’m playing with house money.”

“There are people that maybe had a bad season or two where they were picked on. But, no one’s been picked on more than me on ‘The Challenge.’ And so I get this really weird reputation of being a bad guy when really it’s like I fight the bad people with harsh ways, but it’s like, they were bad first.

“And so now that winning doesn’t matter… I really will find whoever disrespects me first, whoever says my name first, whoever gets caught talking about me behind my back and anything less than gushing compliments, I will take my entire game and I will take that person down with me.

“Because the viewers deserve it. And that person deserves it and I don’t deserve another win. And so the only way to accomplish this is to just be the force of reckoning to ruin someone’s life because that’s their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And so if they cross me, I’m going to take it away from them. And then I’ll come back for my 40th season.

“So, this is just a fair warning shot. Stay out of my way and I’ll let the good people win at the end.”

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