Joe Giudice Responds to Joe Gorga’s Claims of ‘Killing’ His & Teresa’s Mom

Teresa and Joe Giudice

Getty Teresa and Joe Giudice in 2016

Joe Giudice is spilling his side of the story. Joe Giudice – who was formally married to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice – is not on agreeable terms with his ex-wife’s brother and wife, Joe and Melissa Gorga. The drama began more than a year ago when he began commenting about the Gorgas.

“I’ve had enough of staying silent in regards to Joe Gorga and his perpetual need to spout crap about me and my marriage as if his is ‘so perfect,’” Joe Giudice told Celeb Magazine in July. “A person’s mouth can lie, but their eyes always tell the truth.”

He didn’t stop there. A few months later, he seemed to threaten saying something about the Gorga’s marriage. “Who will get the last laugh as [the] truth continues to come out or should more truths come out?” Giudice said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, per Celeb Magazine. “The truth hurts, right, Joe? I know certain people don’t like to hear it and don’t forget I know things too. You can only spark a fire so many times before it engulfs in flames.”

He continued saying, “Teresa and I are working really hard to put the kids first and that’s our primary focus. So for you, Joe [Gorga], to continue spouting your mouth is not really doing anything to help your sister or her children…I suggest you sit down and shut up. I’ve really had enough. I want to go forward with our lives.”

Joe Gorga Accused Joe Giudice of Putting ‘[His] Mother in Her F*cking Grave’

Teresa and Joe Gorga are each other’s only siblings, and their relationship has been a major plot throughout the series. The Gorga’s mom, Antonia Gorga, died in March 2017 from pneumonia. Then most recently, their father, Giacinto Gorga, also died of pneumonia in April 2020. The season trailer for the newest RHONJ season shows Joe Gorga begging his sister to stick up for him.

The trailer shows Melissa and Joe Gorga at a heated dinner with Teresa Giudice. The sibling’s relationship comes up once again when they discuss Joe Giudice’s negative comments in the press towards the Gorgas. Tensions rise, and Gorga screams at his sister that Joe Giudice, “put [his] mother in her f*cking grave.” Melissa Gorga agrees screaming at her sister-in-law, “you just f*cking stood up for your ex-husband [over her brother].”

Joe Giudice Denies ‘Killing’ Antonia Gorga

At the time of the Gorga’s mother’s death, the Giudices were battling serious legal issues. The couple was convicted of mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud in 2014. Giudice and her husband had previously filed for bankruptcy, claiming that they were in nearly $11 million worth of debt, per People. Following their charges, Giudice spent 11 months in prison. Joe Gorga has implied that the stress of the situation took a serious toll on their mother.

“What put me over the edge was Joe Gorga stating/alluding that I contributed to killing his (and Teresa’s) Mom,” Joe Giudice told Celebuzz! on March 22. “Those words hurt. I know I didn’t do it, but I cared for her a lot and it bothered me that they aired it. I don’t want people to think I’m a killer, I made mistakes but not that.”

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