WATCH: RHOBH Stars Caught Laughing After Erika Jayne Curses at Garcelle Beauvais’ Son

Garcelle Beauvais

Bravo Garcelle Beauvais.

The fallout from Garcelle Beauvais 55th birthday continues on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

In a preview clip shared by, a visibly drunken Erika was seen getting flirty with Garcelle’s eldest son, Oliver Saunders, on the July 6, 2022 episode, titled “Calamity Jayne.” The “Pretty Mess” singer even offered to have a threesome with Oliver and his wife.

Garcelle became annoyed with Erika at the end of the party and as she got set to leave, her 14-year-old son, Jax, collected flowers from the tables. Erika looked at the teen and said, “Get the f*** out of here” to him as her co-star Dorit Kemsley looked on in horror.

“Get the f*** out of here before you get in trouble,” Erika told the teen.

“Oh my God,” Dorit said in a confessional. “I know Erika’s drunk and I know she’s joking around, but that’s Garcelle’s son. He’s 14 years old. I feel sick to my stomach.”

Garcelle Beauvais Was Not Happy After Seeing Kyle Richards & Dorit Kemsley Laughing About the Incident

In another clip from the show, Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky had a get-together with pals Dorit and PK Kemsley. At one point, Kyle asked the group if they heard that Erika told Garcelle’s 14-year -old to ”go f*** off.”

“I mean it’s not funny but is funny,” Kyle said.

“I think it’s great that she did that,” Mauricio added with a laugh.

Kyle said she likes seeing this more “relaxed side of Erika, who has been embroiled in legal and divorce drama for nearly two years. Dorit added that she agreed “100 percent.”

“It’s really why I can give her a major pass, and of course it’s not my child,” Dorit said. “She had a few drinks. She doesn’t get like that — I don’t think I can ever remember a time that she was that loose and free.”

“She’s entitled to a blowout,” PK agreed. “She told Garcelle’s’ young one to f*** off, the next one she tried to bang on him, that’s a blowout. This sounds like ‘Animal House.’”

In a post on Twitter, a fan sent a clip of the scene to Garcelle and asked her, “Did you know Kyle, Mauricio, Dorit & PK had this conversation laughing off the appalling way Erika spoke to your child or did you learn this watching the episode?”

“Nope never saw this scene until now,” Garcelle replied. She also added an angry red-faced emoji to her response.

Kyle Richards Said She Was Not Laughing About What Erika Said to Garcelle’s Teen Son

Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Garcelle Beauvais

BravoPictured: (l-r) Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Garcelle Beauvais

Kyle Richards responded to the clip after it was shared by the Queens of Bravo fan account.

“I was laughing about a friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior,” Kyle wrote. “NOT about disrespecting someone’s child. I think you know me better than that by now. I wasn’t even there to see this and only heard about Erika and what she had said later.”

On July 5, the Bravo star also issued a statement on her Instagram story where she reiterated that she was not laughing about what Erika said to Beauvais’ son, but rather her drunken behavior. Kule revealed that she “felt absolutely terrible” when she saw how the scene looked.

“I had not seen what Erika said to Jax in person but was told about it the following day along with some funny moments as well,” she wrote of the discussion. “When I said it’s not funny but it’s funny, I meant Erika being drunk was funny, but what she said to Jax was not.”

“I hope you know me well enough by now to know I certainly do not condone speaking to children like that,” she added. “We are all parents and certainly wouldn’t want anyone speaking to any of our children like that.”

“Until Mexico, we had never seen Erika drink like that. So this was new behavior we were seeing,” the RHOBH star added. “I think while focusing on that the more important issue was being minimalized.”

In an interview with Metro, Richards admitted that she sometimes laughs “at the wrong moment.” “But it wasn’t about Garcelle and her son, it was about Erika,” she explained to the U.K. outlet. “I’m a mom of four daughters…to think that someone misinterpreted it as that, that I didn’t care and being flippant about someone’s child…”

The RHOBH veteran also revealed that she has yet to speak to Beauvais about the questionable scene, as she is currently in London.

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