Teddi Mellencamp & Dorit Kemsley Rip Into Lisa Vanderpump on New Podcast


Getty Composite Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley.

Even though Lisa Vanderpump is no longer a part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it doesn’t mean that she’s escaping the spotlight. During a June 7, 2021, episode of her podcast, Teddi Tea Pod, Teddi Mellencamp and guest Dorit Kemsley went in on Vanderpump as they spoke about the recent drama surrounding the former RHOBH star.

In May 2021, reports surfaced that Kyle Richards and Vanderpump had been dining at the same restaurant at separate tables when Vanderpump sent her check over to Richards to foot the bill. That same night, Vanderpump also autographed a fan photo but crossed out the faces of her former castmates.

“The part that’s a little bit confusing to me about Lisa is that she repeatedly acts like the Housewives is like, ugh, but she’s always talking about it,” Mellencamp said during the episode. “Kyle [Richards] was on the podcast a couple of weeks ago, where we talked about the bill thing and then the picture. Then all of a sudden, I’m watching [Brice Sander’s Entertainment Tonight] video and it’s Lisa responding to what Kyle said, but Kyle didn’t actually say what she said.”

Mellencamp continued, “That was always my problem. You’re always switching the narrative to make yourself look good, where like, sometimes, in life, you’re not going to look good. Sometimes in life, you’re going to make mistakes, and it’s okay to say, ‘I miss that show, but I felt wronged, and I’m done.’ But she just won’t ever cop to anything, which I think is the problem.”

Kemsley also seemed to agree with her friend about her take on Vanderpump. “The thing that I find particularly childish is that, with this paparazzi shot, when she x’d out all of our faces, she thinks it’s humorous, like sending the bill to the producer, and leaving and saying ‘buy me dinner.’ These are very humorous to her, but they’re not so funny, and it’s very childish. You obviously haven’t let go of anything.”

Kemsley added, “I think with Lisa, if she doesn’t have control over a person or a friendship or a relationship or the narrative, then it doesn’t work for her.”

Richards Revealed What Really Happened During the Awkward Run-In With Vanderpump

Shortly after Richards’ awkward run-in with Vanderpump, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star made an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” where host Andy Cohen asked her if she could reveal what really happened that night.

“I was at dinner with one of our producers and she sent a bill over,” Richards explained.  “She later said, because she likes to look at Twitter and see what the people who don’t know us say and everyone thought, ‘You couldn’t take a joke.'”

Richards continued, “She never speaks to me when I see her and I say hello to her every time I see her, I go up, I’m polite. The last time she was so rude, this was actually the first time I didn’t go up to her table and say hello.”

Vanderpump Wants an Apology from Richards

Although she seems to have moved on from the franchise, during a June 3, 2021 interview with E!’s Daily Pop, Vanderpump revealed that she would still like an apology from Richards.

Vanderpump said about running into Richards, “I’m like, unless it’s going to start with an apology, where do you go, you know? If you call somebody a liar and they swear on your children’s lives, to me that’s like, ‘Oh OK.'”

Viewers can catch new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” every Wednesday night at 8/7c on Bravo.

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