‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Episode 4 Voice Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?

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The most recent episode of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty,” called “Rickdependence Spray,” has just aired. Here’s a look at the special guests and voice cast for season 5 episode 4.

Season 5 episode 4 aired on July 11, 2021. There are already mixed reactions circulating the internet, as some people think the episode was amazing and others are commenting that they were pretty disappointed. But no matter where you fall on that spectrum, you’re likely wanting to know who was in the voice cast.

The episode included the regulars we’ve come to expect for “Rick and Morty” episodes, such as Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez and Morty, Chris Parnell as Jerry, Spencer Grammer as Summer, and Sarah Chalke as Beth. But there are also additional special guests and unexpected characters who appeared in the episode.

Special Guests on Season 5 Episode 4

The following people were listed in the credits at the end of the episode: Michelle Buteau, Keith David, Kyle Mooney, Christina Ricci, Adam Rodriguez, Lee Harting, Tom Kenny, Maurice LaMarche, Nolan North, and Nick Rutherford.

Michelle Buteau: Buteau’s many credits include “First Wives Club” (Bree Washington,) “Bless the Harts” (Biscuit Grandma/Linda/Michelle), “Sorry Charlie Miller,” “The Stand In,” “Happiest Season,” “Work It,” “Tales of the City ” (Wrenita), “High Maintenance,” “Singularity,” “The Tick,” “Dream Team,” “Isn’t It Romantic,” “Enlisted” (Private Robinson), “China, IL (Mrs. Falgot), “Key and Peele,” and more.

Keith David: David was back reprising his role as the President of the United States. We also saw him briefly in “Mortyplicity,” and prior to that we last saw him in 2017 in “The Rickchurian Candidate.”

David’s many other credits include “Summer Camp Island,” “Jersey 4,” “Central Park,” “Final Space” (Bolo), “Amphibia,” “Insight,” “Woke,” “Greenleaf” (Bishop James Greenleaf), “The Last Kids on Earth” (Thrull), “The Flash” (Solovar), “Nova” (Narrator), “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” “Champaign ILL,” “Liverspots and Astronots,” “Future Man” (Dr. Elias Kronish), “Adventure Time” (Flame King/Balthus), “Extant,” “Mr. Robot,” “Community” (Elroy), “Enlisted” (Sgt. Major Donald Cody), and much more.

Kyle Mooney: Mooney’s credits include “Bob’s Burgers” (Kyle), “Saturday Night Live”, “Arrested Development” (Murphy Brown), “The Unicorn,” “Me Myself and I,” “Waco Valley,” “Hello Ladies” (Rory), “CollegeHumor Originals,” “Pretend Time,” and more.

Christina Ricci: Ricci’s many credits include “Yellowjackets” (Misty), “50 States of Fright” (Bitsy), “The Matrix 4,” “Here After,” “Percy vs. Goliath,” “Distorted,” “Z: The Beginning of Everything” (Zelda), “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” (Lizzie), “Pan Am” (Maggie), “After.Life,” “Saving Grace,” “Home of the Brave,” “Penelope,” “Monster,” “Ally McBeal” (Liza), “Sleepy Hollow,” “Miranda,” “Addams Family Values,” “Mermaids” (her screen debut), and much more.

Adam Rodriguez was also listed on the cast credits for this episode.

Lee Harting: Harting has been an editor for 41 episodes of “Rick and Morty,” and he was on the cast list for this episode. The majority of his work listed on IMDb is as an editor for numerous productions.

Tom Kenny: Kenny has been in quite a few episodes this season. He was in last week’s Planetina episode, which many fans believe is among the series’ best. He’s voice many characters for the show, including Squanchy and Shadow Jacker in the infamous dragon episode. He’s perhaps best known for playing SpongeBob, but his many other credits include “Final Space” (HUE), “Housebroken,” “Puppy Dog Pals,” “Adventure Time: Distant Lands,” “ParadisePD,” “Kid Cosmic,” and more.

Maurice LaMarche: LaMarche is back, after also voicing a character in the first episode of season 5.  LaMarche has voiced other “Rick and Morty” characters, including Abradolph Lincler, Johnny Carson, Hephaestus, and more. LaMarche’s credits include “The Simpsons”  (Orson Welles, Rodney Dangerfield, and more), “Solar Opposites” (Mob Boss), “Carcerem,” “Big City Greens,” “Disenchantment” (Odval), “The Rocketeer,” and more.

Nolan North: He’s previously appeared on 11 “Rick and Morty” episodes, including as a Gromflomite Commander and Soldier. His other credits include “Lego City Adventures,” “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Blaze and the Monster Machines,” “Young Justice,” “Spirit Riding Free,” “Family Guy,” “Pacific Rim: The Black,” “The Stockholms” (Chris Pine), “Rizzoli and Isles,” “Sanjay and Craig,” and much more.

Nick Rutherford: Rutherford’s only other IMDb-listed acting credit is as Roger on “I Am the Prize.” He also played himself as a guest on “Doughboys.”

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