Which ‘Enterprise’ Characters May Return to ‘Star Trek’?

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Though “Star Trek: Enterprise” was one of the least-liked shows in the “Star Trek” franchise, it did introduce fans to some seriously memorable characters.

Captain Jonathan Archer is no Picard, but he’s reminiscent of Kirk and Janeway for sure. T’Pol certainly isn’t Spock, but she gave fans a different look at Vulcans and their relationships with humans. Dr. Phlox isn’t The Doctor, but his good-natured humor and compassion added the perfect amount of nuance to the show. Charles “Trip” Tucker is no Geordi LaForge, but his genial Southern charm was the perfect balance for Archer’s seriousness. Hoshi isn’t Lieutenant Uhura, but she carried on the legacy of having a woman of color in a crucial role on the bridge.

Since “Enterprise” was a ratings nightmare, there hasn’t been much talk about reviving the series or bringing back these unique characters. However, a new rumor floating around the Trek corner of the internet suggests that a few of Enterprise’s best characters might make their return in an upcoming “Star Trek” project.

The Return of Three Fan Favorites?

Star Trek: ENT – Impaired T'Pol and Phlox trys to operate the warp engineStar Trek: ENT- The people on this colony had nothing to do with the attack on my planet(Xindi)2020-08-19T21:40:34Z

The entertainment news and rumors website Giant Freakin Robot reported that an inside source said Paramount+ is very interested in bringing back a few characters from “Enterprise.” Rumors that Captain Archer might return have been circulating for a while. However, this is the first rumor that suggests multiple “Enterprise” characters could be returning to the Trekverse.

According to Giant Freaking Robot, Paramount+ wants to bring back Archer, T’Pol, and Dr. Phlox. The site claimed that discussions about how these characters could return are already happening at the studio. The site’s inside source was not sure which upcoming projects might include these characters.

How Could They Come Back?

ENTERPRISE-JStar Trek Enterprise season 3 Azati Prime2017-07-13T02:03:09Z

One of the main themes that ran through all four seasons of “Enterprise” was time travel.

In the first and second seasons, the Suliban frequently time-traveled to carry out missions in the Temporal Cold War. The first season also introduced Crewman Daniels, a temporal agent who frequently brought Captain Archer to different points in the timeline to ensure that events happened as intended. Throughout the rest of the series, crew members from the Enterprise, and sometimes the whole ship, traveled through time on several occasions due to intentional time travel and encounters with space-time anomalies.

Since time travel is so commonplace for the “Enterprise” characters, they could easily show up in any of the current “Star Trek” series. One fan theory already tackled an explanation for the presence of “Enterprise” characters in “Star Trek: Discovery.” This theory suggests that the mysterious Federation agent Kovich is actually an older version of Crewman Daniels. If this theory turns out to be true, it stands to reason that Daniels could bring the crew members of the Enterprise into “Discovery’s” timeline.

Another possibility is that these characters could appear in the second or third season of “Star Trek: Picard.” The teaser trailer for the second season confirmed that time travel will be a major theme of the second season. The trailer also revealed that Q, the all-powerful being from TNG, will play a huge role in the events of season two. Since then, John de Lancie, the actor who plays Q, revealed that he would not only be in season two but in season three as well.

Q has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to move through time and take other beings with him. So, it’s possible that Q will orchestrate an encounter between Picard and the characters from “Enterprise” at some point during the second or third season.

Of course, it’s also possible that Archer, T’Pol, and Phlox will be featured in a completely different “Star Trek” project. In January of 2020, “Star Trek” boss Alex Kurtzman told TrekCore that there were two live-action shows in development that had not yet been announced.

One of those shows was “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” which was announced in May of 2020. However, the second live-action show has not yet been revealed. So, that could be the project involving the “Enterprise” characters.

All of this is speculation for now. No one attached to the franchise has confirmed that “Enterprise” characters will be returning in an upcoming project.

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