‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Has a Secret Brother

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MTV Roxanne DeJesus has been keeping a secret from her daughter, "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus.

Roxanne DeJesus has been keeping a secret from her daughter, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus. After first lying about sister Brittany’s biological father, Roxanne revealed in the approaching MTV special, Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret, that Briana has a half-brother she never knew about. This isn’t the first time Roxanne has blind-sided her girls. Britanny and Briana didn’t find out they were actually half-sisters until the trio appeared on VH1s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann in 2016.

In the upcoming special, Briana said finding out she had a teenage brother she never knew about almost tore their family apart. Roxanne defended herself, saying she didn’t tell Briana that her father had another child because she didn’t want to upset set. “It wasn’t hiding, it was trying to protect you, there’s a difference,” Roxanne says in a preview of the special.

Briana maintained that Roxanne’s decision to lie by withholding information “threatened our family’s close bond,” according to Too Fab.

“Like all families, we have our secrets. One of those secrets came out five years ago and shook us up,” Briana said, hinting at when she and Brittany found out they had different fathers. “Then this year while filming Teen Mom 2, an even bigger secret just came out.”

Briana Has Made Amends With Her Mother

The Teen Mom 2 star was shaken by the news, but she and her mother have been able to move on. While promoting the special on Instagram, Briana told her mother that she loves her.

“I wanted to come on here and just say that no matter what happens Or what happened…I love all parties that were involved. This was and still is a sensitive matter to everyone but I’m glad things came to light,” she wrote on January 13. “I love you mom, I love you, Brittany, I love you dad and I love my brother and his family!”

Roxanne Has Lied to ‘Protect’ Her Daughters Before

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This isn’t the first time Roxanne has admitted to lying to her daughters to try to coddle them. When they appeared on Family Therapy, Roxanne used the same excuse.

Brittany was distraught when her mother made the confession. “Listen to me. You have to trust me. My intention was to always protect you,” she said in 2016.

Dr. Jenn tried to calm Brittany, telling her that her connection with Briana wouldn’t change. “Your relationship with her is a full-blood sister relationship,” the therapist emphasized.

Roxanne revealed to Briana she met her father when Brittany was 12 months old. He is now deceased.

Roxanne, who was also in tears during the confession, tried to get Briana to stay with her after Brittany left the room. But after finding out that Brittany’s biological father also knew the truth about Brittany’s dad, she went outside to be with her sister.

“I will always be here for you and I will love you no matter what,” Briana told Brittany.

Roxanne tried to tell Brittany she couldn’t be upset with her.  “He raised you like his own,” she said, talking about Briana’s father. “Daddy is your daddy. You can’t be mad at me Brittany. You cant. I did something to protect you, Brittany.”

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