Clayton Echard Claims His Brother is ‘Bashing’ Him

Clayton Echard

ABC Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard may be a former football player, but he has zero game—at least according to his brother.

“The Bachelor” star has been dragged once again, this time by his sibling, and he spoke about it during an appearance on the March 3, 2022 episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan.”

Echard was in the New York City talk show studio to discuss his upcoming “Women Tell All” special, but during his sitdown with Seacrest and guest host Maria Menounos, he also addressed his family’s reaction to his stint as ABC’s leading man.

Clayton Echard Revealed That His Brother Slammed His Dating Game

Clayton Echard’s Brother Thinks He Would Do Better as “The Bachelor”Clayton Echard talks about what it's like watching "The Bachelor" with his brother. Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Echard has two brothers named Patrick and Nate.  On “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” he revealed that he watches the show each week with one of his brothers.

“Most times he’s just bashing me and tells me I have terrible game and that he would do way better,” Echard said. “I would love to put him on TV and have him showcase his ability. He thinks he’s so smooth. I’m like ‘Let me give you five minutes on camera and see where you go.’”

In another segment, Echard revealed that he was surprised by the behavior of some of the women, most notably “villain” Shanae Ankney, who “faked” her emotions and had him fooled.

“So now I realize there are some people that can fake tears,” he said. “That’s a little scary, but I learned it.”

Clayton Echard Has Been Dragged as One of the Worst Bachelors Ever

Clayton Echard

ABCClayton Echard.

Echard’s role as “The Bachelor” has been controversial since Day 1. When he was first announced as “The Bachelor,” former franchise lead Nick Viall told People magazine he didn’t “get“ the decision to cast Echard in the coveted leading man role. Viall told the outlet that the Top 4 men from Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette” all “out-shined Clayton in every possible way.”

“So I don’t really get the choice,” Viall said of Echard.

Fans agreed, and during Young’s “After the Final Rose” special, host Kaitlyn Bristowe forced Echard to read mean tweets about himself posted by “Bachelor” fans. Some viewers questioned how producers found 30 women who would even be interested in dating Echard.

Once his season began airing, things got even worse. Echard made poor decisions at his rose ceremonies and even admitted that his choice to keep controversial contestant Shanae “killed” his credibility with viewers.

Echard also made another faux pas by falling in love with three women during his season and getting “intimate” with at least two of them during filming, per Entertainment Tonight. While other “Bachelor” stars have slept with more than one contestant in the Fantasy Suite – show creator Mike Fleiss once said, “The average guy will end up having sex with three women during the course of the show,” according to Women’s Health —  they don’t usually speak about it to the women while they are still filming the show.

On “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Echard said telling three women he was in love with them was something he never planned to do and actually thought was impossible.

“I was in love with them for different reasons,” he explained,  to which Menounos replied that it was all “very confusing.”

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April Miller
April Miller
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I was in love with them for different reasons

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