Rachel Lindsay Weighs in on Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Split

Clare Crawley, Dale Moss and Rachel Lindsay

ABC/Getty During an episode of her Higher Learning podcast, Rachel Lindsay commented on Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' split.

Rachel Lindsay is not known for holding her tongue. So, when Bachelor Nation was rocked by accusations of Dale Moss seeking fame and cheating in the wake of his split from Clare Crawley, the former Bachelorette certainly had something to say.

“It seems like, to me, he was all in it for the glitz and the glam and the fame,” said her co-host on their podcast Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. “I’m kind of disgusted with Dale.”

Lindsay seemed to back up Lathan’s theory. “It always had been rumored that he was about that life,” replied the former attorney. “Now, the other thing people are saying is he wanted to stay in New York and he wants to host and he wants to be this media personality and do events. And Clare wants a life in Sacramento, she wants to keep her job, have her life, be close to her mother who has dementia and he knew all of this. … Maybe he got the number of followers he wanted, maybe he got a job, an opportunity from the same thing.”

Crawley and Moss made franchise history when they got engaged mid-season and exited The Bachelorette early. When rumors started to run rampant of their split, Moss confirmed the news with a statement on Instagram featuring his signature. E! News then reported accusations he cheated on the hairdresser throughout their relationship and only pursued her for fame. Sources close to Moss and the woman with whom he is rumored to have cheated have dismissed such claims as false.

Lindsay Learned ‘Everything We Need to Know About Dale’ From His Instagram Post Confirming His Split

“We know everything we need to know about Dale because of this: He signed his Instagram statement, like a signature. Did you catch that? Did you see that? He signed, he signed his, uh, breakup statement,” said Lindsay of his since-deleted post.

Lindsay called him “savage, ruthless” for his casual tweeting the day he confirmed their split. She said the tweets were like, “Hey, what’s a good restaurant recommendation in New York? How’s everybody’s day going? Y’all good? I’m good.” His only tweet currently up from that day reads, “What’s everyone doing today?”

“He found his way to a camera, TMZ found him on the streets … asking him a bunch of questions. Got his face all up in the camera,” the Extra host continued. “Where’s Clare? Devastated. Said she has been honest about her intentions the entire time and she’s been blindsided by Dale who has now decided to say the relationship was moving too fast for him and they were on different pages. Poor Clare.”

Lindsay Questions Whether Moss Was in It for the Right Reason

Moss has faced rumors he was not in it “for the right reasons” since nearly the beginning, especially after an interview saying he wants a career like Ryan Seacrest. Lathan suggested maybe he wanted a career like another football player-turned-host, Michael Strahan.

“You’re not Michael Strahan,” laughed off Lindsay. “This opportunity is not going to catapult your career into some type of success that I don’t know, you think that you’re going to have. … If this reputation is what gave your popularity, well then your reputation ain’t great after the way you just did Clare. You know what I mean? People don’t forget this”

While Moss has already stated he’s not ready for a trip to Bachelor in Paradise, Lindsay said that was his only shot at another appearance in the franchise.

Lindsay made it clear she does not believe Moss will ever be the Bachelor. “The show wouldn’t be what I think it is if they picked Dale. … Because you would be doing it strictly for attention, ratings, the controversy of it all not because this man is as they say in Bachelor world, ‘here for the right reasons,’ I think, Dale has already proven who he is at this point.”

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