PHOTOS: ‘Bachelor’ Winner Welcomes Baby & Gets Real About Her ‘Postpartum Look’

Mother and baby

Pixabay A mother holds her newborn son.

Life has changed immensely over the past few weeks for one former winner of “The Bachelor.” Vanessa Grimaldi received Nick Viall’s final rose back in 2017, but their engagement was short-lived. In the years since then, Grimaldi met and married Joshua Wolfe and celebrated their first pregnancy. The couple recently welcomed their baby, and Grimaldi got honest and raw in an Instagram post about life after delivering.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vanessa Grimaldi Welcomed a Boy

On September 30, Grimaldi shared the news of her son’s arrival via Instagram. “Nothing will beat my 35th birthday! Our little miracle decided to be born one day before mommy’s birthday, so we celebrated his BIRTH date and my 35th at the hospital as a new family!” The former “Bachelor” star added, “Mommy & Daddy LOVE you SO SO much!!! Thank you for choosing us and for giving us the BEST gift of all – being YOUR parents!” That initial post included two photos. In the first, she held her son against her chest while in her hospital bed, and her husband laid his hand on the newborn’s back. He kissed his wife’s head, and they both wore birthday hats. The second photo showed Wolfe, who was wearing a face mask, decked out with a wrapped gift, a bouquet of flowers, and a body pillow, ready to pamper the new mom.

Grimaldi’s post received an immense amount of love from “Bachelor Nation.” Show veterans like Clare Crawley, Emily and Haley Ferguson, Danielle Maltby, Caila Quinn, and Kevin Wendt all shared excited notes of congratulations. Grimaldi has not stayed all that connected with “The Bachelor” franchise since her split with Viall, but the love she received from other former contestants was enormous. Fans added their own well wishes too.

“Congrats Vanessa! My son was born 1 day before my bday too. Get ready to not have a bday anymore lol,” joked one person.

“This made me cry. Mazel tov guys. @jbrwolfe is beaming through that mask. So sweet. And happy birthday!” added someone else.

Grimaldi Got Emotional in Subsequent Posts

On October 6, Grimaldi shared another Instagram post and revealed her son’s name. “Hello world. My name is Winston Franco Wolfe and I was born on September 29, 2022.” The video gave everybody a glimpse into the first seven days of the newborn’s life and Grimaldi teased that Winston “can’t wait to flood your feed with all my photos of outfits that Mommy will dress me in and that Daddy selected.”

A few days later, on October 15, Grimaldi shared a vulnerable Instagram post. This included another video, and the former “Bachelor” star wore what she wrote was her “fav outfit I’ve ever worn to date.” She explained, “My Postpartum look: Greasy hair, adult diapers, chapped lips, a glowing smile, love in my eyes, a beaming heart and a body that gave me the most beautiful gift, my baby boy.” Grimaldi added she had “never been more grateful, more proud and more confident in my skin.”

This Instagram post received a lot of love, much as her earlier ones did.

“You’re so amazing because not many women will admit this normalcy,” one person commented.

“Everything about this is so pure and beautiful,” added someone else.

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