‘DomiNations’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for DomiNations. You can also check out this new strategy game on Google Play for Android.

1. Explore!

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• When you start out, your settlement is surrounded by a wilderness of forest. Each section of the forest can be cleared away to reveal huntable animals, chests of gold, even ancient ruins which provide crowns! As you advance into the iron age and beyond, you’ll unlock a lot of new buildings to build which can leave your growing town feeling crunched on space. So it’s best to plan ahead to give yourself plenty of room to build — which helps a ton when you finally decide to reorganize.

2. Expand!


• Build new houses whenever they become available, as each one increases your citizen count by 2 and this lets you do more things at once. The more citizens you manage to keep busy at once, the faster your city will expand. However, keep in mind if every citizen is busy then that will prevent you from hunting animals or upgrading walls.

3. Exploit!

• Each time you login remember to hunt animals and mine your mines if they’re available. These are a nice steady source of resources, but more importantly, they drop Rare items like Fur, Leather, and Metal that power your Mercenary Camp and Temple. You can activate a gathering blessing from your Temple for a +20-percent boost to these activities.

4. Exterminate!

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• Generals have long understood the advantage of combined arms in warfare. Now it falls to you to discover the best mixes of soldiers, archers, ballista, knights, and sappers. Each unit is strong against some types of situations but weak against others, which means the best armies will be composed of several unit types that nicely complement one another. Pick a theme and organize your army around it!

5. Raid!

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• Raiding other players is the absolute fastest way to earn resources. Players tend to settle on a favorite army that fits their playstyle. One of the less common playstyles is to mass a lot of cavalry raiders with 1-2 sappers. This army hardly ever achieves a victory, but it sort of depends on how you define victory since it’s one of the best army types for rapidly making successive raids to steal enemy resources — you may lose the battle and some medals, but you’ll gain the most important thing: resources. You can also use a few heavy infantry to pick off outlying resource collectors; again, you won’t win, but you can sometimes get a good return on your investment.