Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Clothes

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Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, has officially released and it’s simply adorable. Following the same concept as the core entries in the series, players will create a villager and simply go day to day making new friends. While players can easily change their appearance, clothing is a bit trickier.  However, the real appeal of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is designing your very own campsite and sporting the latest fashion. While the furniture portion of the game is fully unlocked, sadly the clothes section is still incomplete.

Currently, the only way to obtain new clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is by purchasing it from Mabel. She can be located in the Market Place on the far right side of your map by your van. This section is only available after you complete the main tutorial and Isabelle lets you go explore. Outside of Mabel’s camper with a rug that typically has three items on display. Approach these items to see how many Bells they cost and then tap the piece of clothing you want to purchase it. After this is done, your new outfit will go to your Items menu in the bottom left corner.

Open this section up and tap the piece of clothing that you want to dress your villager in. All clothes are currently bought with Bells and Mabel will constantly refresh her stock after a specific amount of time. You can also earn unique clothing items from the various animal friends once you level them up to 7. This may take awhile as they have a cap on how many favors you can perform in a row. However, it’s worth it as all of the clothing appears to only be available from these specific critters. For example, if you have been looking for a cool leather jacket then you’ll want to rank up Apollo the eagle. If you want to know what clothing item an animal offers just click the Contact icon at the bottom of the screen and select a friend.

There is no other way to earn clothing, as the crafting portion hasn’t been released it When it does we will update this piece and elaborate on how this system functions. We assume that the Cotton and Paper Craft Materials will be used so it might benefit you to hold onto some of these. Now get out there, find a cute outfit, and strut your stuff around that campsite!

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