Tfue Leaks Mr Beast’s Phone Number During Charity Event

tfue mr beast phone number

L: Tfue R: Mr Beast

We’ve now reached peak quarantine content as YouTube megastar Mr Beast hosted a Rock Paper Scissors tournament for charity on April 25 featuring many of the biggest streamers across every platform.

Disaster struck when Tfue accidentally leaked the code to enter the room the contest was being held in as well as Mr Beast’s actual phone number. Of course, that’s not ideal and the YouTuber wasn’t even aware of it at first.

Eventually, Beast caught wind of the news and the team took the stream offline temporarily to get everything sorted out.

Almost immediately after it happened, Ninja tweeted out that Tfue leaked the code, to which Tfue immediately responded by calling the Mixer star “a p*ssy.”

Ninja took the high road and explained the issue with Tfue streaming in a quote tweet of his own.

“We’re not supposed to be streaming this bro,” he said. “The 50k you have can be directed to the main stream where people can donate to the charity.”

Tfue and Ninja have had a history of bad blood in the past, which is likely why Tfue immediately went for the throat with his insults.

Earlier in the year, he challenged Ninja to a boxing match, which was promptly declined. For whatever reason, the two streamers have never really gotten along, despite both rising in prominence playing Fortnite together.

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KEEMSTAR, who is not really a big fan of Tfue himself following the FaZe Clan lawsuit, condemned everyone who is blaming Ninja for the leak.

“Anyone trying to blame Ninja for Tfue leaking MrBeast’s stream link is a moron,” he said.

Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins also stepped in to put an end to the rumors that her husband was to blame.

“Turner was live streaming that he leaked it and continued to,” she said. “It was out people. His whole chat was spamming “let’s blame ninja” so yeah, we took control before those rumors popped off.”

Tfue’s brother didn’t like the way her comment came off and he accused her of hating on him for no reason.

She accused Tfue of being desperate for money, which she says is the reason he was even streaming the event in the first place.

“No Jack, the reality is Turner is desperate for money which is why he streamed it instead of using his huge social following to lead them there,” she replied.

Who could’ve thought a rock paper scissors tournament could have created so much drama, but that’s where we are. When the stream started back up, Tfue faced off against Pokimane in a best of three but was bested by her in just two rounds, ending his hopes of winning.

At the end of the day, the stream wasn’t down very long and it didn’t have much of an impact. We can certainly expect Mr Beast to be getting a new phone number in the future, and perhaps having a talk with Tfue behind the scenes.

For what it’s worth, Tfue did apologize for the leak before going off on Ninja.

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