Fortnite Leak Reveals Multiple Predator Skin Styles

fortnite predator skin styles

Epic Games / Sony

After a month or so of speculation, it appears that Epic Games has finally revealed that The Predator will be the Fortnite Season 5 secret skin, something some players guessed would be the case from the very start.

The first Predator quests were released as part of the v15.20 update, so it looks like we can finally start our countdown to the skin itself. Following the similar trend of other secret skins, we’ll have to complete all of these challenges first before we can get our hands on it.

To help hold us over, we have some important details that came out following the update, including information about two separate styles for this fearsome movie villain.

Mask On or Off?

According to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, the Predator will feature two different styles, which again is similar to how things worked in the past, but Predator is an interesting thing to do that with.

We know that most people would likely recognize him with his mask, but he actually has a very scary look underneath the mask.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly what his skin looks like, but we’re still waiting a bit to see exactly what the developers have in store for us.

When Will We Get the Skin?

We’re still likely a few weeks out from actually unlocking the skin, but we imagine it’ll be revealed to us pretty soon.

Since we’re already seven weeks in the new season, it’s pretty close to the time we’d typically be unlocking the secret skin. The only different this time around is we didn’t even know who it was until pretty late into it.

It will be available to unlock for anybody who has purchased the Battle Pass, so if you’re somebody who plans on rocking the Predator skin, you’ll want to make sure you pick that up.

If you subscribe to the Fortnite Crew, you’ll get your hands on Green Arrow right now, and you’ll also be able to get the Battle Pass as part of it.

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