Fortnite Sand Tunneling Disabled After Game-Breaking Exploit

fortnite sand tunneling disabled bug

Epic Games

Something new that was introduced with the start of Fortnite Season 5 was sand tunneling, which allowed players to sink into the sand found in the center of the map and move around quickly.

It’s already been disabled once this season, and we have gotten a look at how the system itself is implemented, but it’s still a cool mechanic to have around.

On December 22, Epic Games made the decision to disable sand tunneling for the second time this season, and while they didn’t give a reason for it, it appears that we know what it was due to the timing.

Youtuber Jedi2x made a short video showing how to perform an exploit that’d allow you to be completely hidden underneath the sand, which obviously would be something that’s a bit overpowered.

Now That’s a Bug

The MOST Broken Exploit Ever… (Free Wins)In this video I go over what I think is probably the most broken exploit I've ever found – it allows you to use a harpoon and go under the sand completely. you can't get shot out. You can also build, edit, and drop weapons or materials as well. Basically, if you get a sand…2020-12-22T16:30:03Z

In the video, you can see that all you have to do is shoot a Harpoon Gun right as you’re about to sink into the sand. If done correctly, you’ll drop down and not even create a little ball that indicates you’re under there.

What makes this even stronger is the fact that you’re still able to drop your guns and build while under the sand. Obviously, this can be abused heavily, such as using it for easy Victory Royales and even high placements in Arena.

It’s Now Disabled

Epic announced they had disabled the sand tunneling and will let everyone know when it comes back.

The last time this happened, it took several days for them to actually bring the feature back, which was a shame because this is one of the cool features of the season.

Without the sand tunneling, it feels like we missing a lot of soul of this season, so we’ll be happy to see it return soon, hopefully without any more bugs.

For the time being, you’ll have to give up your free rotations underneath the sand and do it the normal way.

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