Couple Have Sex on Restaurant Table; Dude Busted for Not Paying Bill

A Florida man was arrested for not paying his $101 restaurant bill. Not too uncommon, right? Well, it is when you add in the fact that minutes before dine-n-dashing he was having sex on one of the restaurant tables.

Jeremie Calo (Is this most pretentious spelling of Jeremy out there?) was on a date with Tiffani Lynn Barganier (again, pretentious spelling) at Paddy Murphy’s restaurant in Florida. At the restaurant the two decided that there is no time like the present to get it on. At this point most people would try to cut out early, pay the bill and get a hotel room. Well, Jeremie isn’t most people (for christ sake, he spells his name like a french cheese). Jeremie wanted to get it on and he wanted to get it on NOW.

Jeremie and his lady friend looked around and saw that their only option was to get to baby making on one of the restaurant tables.

At this point the manager of Paddy’s, Tom Murphy, decided to cool the couple down. He went over to them and asked them to leave.

They said no and Murphy called the police.

No charges were filed, BUT Calo was arrested because he refused to pay his $101 restaurant bill.

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