Hope Solo Marries Scumbag Fiance Jerramy Stevens After Arrest

Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens, Married, Assault.

US Women’s Soccer hero Hope Solo and disgraced NFL player Jerramy Stevens completed their crazy week by trading nuptials on Tuesday night. The former Washington Huskies star, Stevens, was arrested Sunday for allegedly assaulting Solo, the fourth degree charge was subsequently dropped upon arraignment.

The incident occurred at Solo’s swanky Kirkland, Washington pad. The Kirkland Police Department have said that despite the dismissal of the charges against Stevens, it is still “an open investigation.”

Local sports radio host Dave Mahler broke the news on Twitter:

According to E! Jerramy, 33, and and Hope, 32, applied for a marriage license last Thursday.

Solo’s fellow goalkeeper and close friend, Jillian Loyden, tweeted earlier:

Solo and Stevens have been on a whirlwind romance since the summer when Hope returned from the London Olympics with a gold medal. Just hours after being released from police custody on the 13th November the couple were married.

The newly married couple were both students at the University of Washington at the same time. Though it is unknown if they dated, or even knew each other back then.

Stevens has had many reported run-ins with the law, his most serious being a 2000 charge of sexual assault. A long investigation by detectives in the Seattle, Washington led to Stevens being arrested by a combined force of detectives and SWAT teams. During the course of the investigation an email was found according to a report in the Seattle Times:

“i know that you are not going to beliewhat i have to say especially after satterday night but when i got your e-mail today i laughed a first but then it started to sink in and my heart started to break as i read over your words.

“i realize that i have [messed] up and I want to talk to you about being with you and how i can make it up to you. this is not a joke i want to have you in my arms and know that you are mine and ythat nothing that i have done or [a friend] has said caould ever change the way that i feel about you. when i think back to the night that i spent with you by ourselves i wish that i would have done one thing and that is, i wish i would have put … ”

Stevens then describes, in explicit terms, an anal-sex act he wanted to do to her. He closes with: “you whore dont ever utter my name again.”

Stevens shared this message with a teammate, who called it a “funny ass e-mail.” The teammate, when interviewed by a detective, called the woman who received the message “a typical football groupie.”

Parker says the e-mail was “very disturbing to read.” She placed it in her investigative file and interviewed the woman who received it. The woman broke down in tears.

The case was eventually thrown out due to “confusing and conflicting” statements which led prosecutors to drop the case. A civil case was taken by the victim and Stevens was required to pay $300,000 to the plaintiff.

Other cases brought against Stevens include assault, drunk driving, and disturbing the peace following loud parties at his Seattle condominium in 2007.