Ammar Harris: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Ammar Harris

26-year-old Ammar Harris.

Las Vegas police have identified the alleged driver behind last week’s Las Vegas Strip drive-by shooting of rapper Kenny Clutch as 26-year-old criminal Ammar Harris. Harris is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.

Here’s what you should know about Kenny Clutch’s alleged murderer and this tragic Las Vegas shooting crime.

1. Ammar Harris is the Alleged Driver Behind the Shooting
Ammar Harris
Ammar Asim Faruq Harris is suspected as the driver behind the drive-by shooting that left three people dead and injured five others. Harris is believed to be the driver of the black Range Rover SUV. The gunman who fired the shots has not yet been identified. Aspiring rapper Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr. aka Kenny Clutch was the target of this shooting that led to his death. Las Vegas police Captain Chris Jones told the Associated Press that:

We have him identified. Now the focus is on locating and apprehending him. We’re getting help all over the place.

2. He’s Been Convicted in Three States
KSDK made note of Ammar Harris’ criminal record. In 2005, he was convicted in Atlanta for marijuana possession and was arrested in Miami in December for a reckless driving charge. In May 2012, he was arrested in Las Vegas for charges pertaining to pandering, kidnapping, sexual assault and coercion.
3. Police Found the Black Range Rover SUV
Ammar Harris Shooting
Daily Mail UK reported that the black Range Rover SUV that was used in the drive-by shooting was located last Saturday. Police found the vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot, located east of the Las Vegas Strip. The vehicle was identified due to its tinted windows and black rims. The car has been impounded and towed away from the parking lot. Harris was also noted for living in the same apartment complex where the car was found.
4. He Has Tattoos
Harris is easily identifiable by his tattoos. The photo that was released by Las Vegas police shows Harris with tattoos on his neck region, which shows a owl with dark eyes and several words. He also has a single tattoo on his right cheek.
5. He Once Lived Down South
Fox News reported that Harris once made his residence in two Southern regions – South Carolina and Georgia.

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6. He Was Also A Pimp
Ammar Harris

Ammar Harris in a photo taken last Wednesday night at the Haze nightclub at the Aria Hotel.

Just like Kenny Clutch, Harris is also a suspected pimp who worked on the Las Vegas Strip. The criminal photo displaying Harris was taken after he was arrested in Las Vegas last year for a prostitution case. It’s interesting to note that Kenny Clutch was also suspected for working as a Las Vegas pimp. Were they rivals?
7. The Taxi Cab Driver Who Died Has Been Identified
Ammar Harris

Michael Boldon (left), the 62-year-old taxi cab driver who died during last week’s Las Vegas shooting.

The taxi cab driver, whose vehicle caught fire at the scene of the drive-by after being hit by Clutch’s Maserati, was identified as 62-year-old Michael Boldon. ABC News spoke to his sister, Carolyn Jean Timble, about Boldon and his stay in Las Vegas before his death:

He was a number one guy. He came to live with me in Las Vegas last year to help take care of our mother, and the first day he got here he said, ‘I have to get a job.’ The second day, I came home from work, and he said he got a job. He says, ‘You’ll never guess what it is,’ and I said, ‘what,’ and he said, ‘taxi cab driver,’ and we both fell out laughing. He loved that job. He never complained. He’d come home and tell me stories about what happened, who he picked up.

Boldon was a single father who had a 36-year-old son. Boldon had recently become a grandfather to his grandson.

8. The Dead Taxi Cab Passenger Was Also Identified
Ammar Harris

48-year-old Sandi Sutton-Wasmund.

Boldon’s passenger and the third deceased victim of this crime is Sandi Sutton-Wasmund. Daily Mail UK stated that Sandi was a mother to three children and a two-time breast cancer survivor.
9. Kenny Clutch Rapped About Having a Gun Inside His Car
Ammar Harris

Deceased rapper Kenny Clutch.

During the rap video for Young Teej and Kenny Clutch’s “Stay Schemin'” freestyle, Kenny Clutch can be heard rapping about concealing a firearm in his $120,000 Maserati:

Maserati/Paid 120 for it/Stash box ‘cuz you know I got that semi for it.”

10. Harris Has Been Arrested in Los Angeles

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Thursday that Ammar Harris surrendered to Los Angeles police and federal agents after he was located in a North Hollywood apartment after a female answered the door. A news report on this shooting incident can be seen above.

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