WATCH: 5 Women Brawl on Spirit Airlines Flight to Los Angeles

Loud music led to a wild brawl on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Times reports. The fight between five women was caught on video, which can be watched above or by clicking here.

Another video posted to Instagram shows more of the fight:

A spokesman for Spirit Airlines, Paul Berry, said two women began playing music on a boom box not long before the flight landed at LAX. Other passengers asked the women to turn down the music, and Berry told the Times they responded “What are you going to do?” and began waving the boom box around in the air.

Three other women approached the music-playing duo and a brawl broke out. Police were called and met the plane at the airport. Officer Rob Pedregon told the Times the women were involved in a “mutual combat situation” and were pulled from the plane. The FBI investigated and no one was charged. There were no injuries.

“I’d be really afraid just because of all the security and all the issues going on right now. I would think that’s bigger than just girls fighting over music,” Shamaila Taj told CBS Los Angeles in an interview at LAX. “A plane is probably the last place you would want to do something like that … I would freak out, more so than anything else, because there’s nowhere else you can go.”