WATCH: Hollywood & Highland Explosion Videos

hollywood explosion

Twitter/@ActionSebastian The scene after the explosion in Hollywood.

An explosion was reported in Hollywood, California. It appears that the blast occurred “in a vacant commercial restaurant on the first floor of a six-story apartment building” as a result of natural gas, but it left people in the area shaken and fearing terrorism, although the latter is not the case.

One man, who was dining at a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant when he heard the blast, posted videos of the aftermath on Twitter. Shards of glass were scattered throughout the roadway. Watch:

Here are more of his videos:

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, “1724 N Highland Av; Hollywood; Preliminary reports of natural gas explosion in the 1st floor restaurant. The gas has been secured off. The 1st floor of residential (above restaurant) being evacuated and all other floors sheltering in place.” The Fire Department added, “One patient being evaluated for unknown injuries (age/gender/condition unk). Gas readings and technical search being conducted on the residential floors to ensure no occupants remain in a hazardous environment.”

The initial report from the Fire Department read, “Confirmed explosion (unknown nature and extent) in commercial restaurant on 1st floor of a 6 story apartments building. No fire and no injuries yet reported. HazMat and US&R units added… Floor directly above restaurant (1st floor residential) being evacuated in abundance of safety.” The Fire Department provided a Google map of the explosion’s location in Hollywood:

Fox 5 reported, “Firefighters are responding to a confirmed explosion at a mixed-use building near the busy intersection of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood Wednesday night, authorities said.” However, other sites said it was not clear what had caused the explosion, and there were no injuries reported, according to the television station. However, the Fire Department later indicated there might be one person with an injury.

The area is heavily trafficked with tourists, Fox 5 reported, adding, “The explosion occurred across the street from the Hollywood and Highland Center…The center features shops and restaurants, as well as the Dolby Theatre, and is near the TLC Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.” The explosion occurred in a restaurant in the building on the evening of December 20, 2017, according to KTLA.

The man who posted the videos responded to well-wishers on Twitter, writing, “Yes thank God! I took footage street level when it happened and nobody was injured! Everyone @ the restaurant thought it was a terror” attack. Fortunately, that did not end up being the case.