Javier da Silva: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Javier da Silva (originally misspelled as Javier DeSilva in many reports) was arrested in connection with Valerie Reyes’ murder, although charges have not yet been announced. Reyes, 24, was found dead in a suitcase after telling her mom that she was scared for her life. Da Silva was in the country illegally, sources said, and he and Reyes had only dated for about eight months. He was not her most recent ex-boyfriend. Here is what we know so far about Valerie Reyes and Javier da Silva.

1. Javier da Silva, Her Ex-Boyfriend, Is Accused of Using Her ATM Card & May  Have Confessed to Her Death

Exactly what Valerie Reyes’ ex-boyfriend, Javier da Silva, will be charged with has not yet been revealed. According to WCBS, authorities said that he confessed to killing Valerie Reyes. Meanwhile, ABC 7 reported that he was accused of fraudulently using Reyes’ ATM card and police believed he may have also been involved in Reyes’ death.

He was arrested after using Reyes’ ATM card, police told WCBS.

Officials said that Da Silva made admissions connected to Reyes’ death, including saying that she was killed in New Rochelle, ABC 7 reported. Police later confirmed that he “admitted a role in her death” during an interview with detectives and was being cooperative, News12CT reported.

An autopsy is pending. Da Silva was arrested in Queens and is expected to be charged with federal crimes, ABC 7 reported.

Early reports indicated that the suspect’s name was Javier DeSilva. CBS New York later clarified that his name was Javier da Silva.

Officials emphasized during a press conference today that the investigation is still ongoing.

2. Valerie Reyes Was Found Dead in a Suitcase Days After She Was Last Seen by Friends & Family. She Told Her Mom She Was Scared for Her Life Before She Disappeared.

Reyes was reported missing January 30 after she didn’t show up for her job at Barnes & Noble in Eastchester, WCBS reported. Her friends and family had last seen her on January 28. Her body was found, with her hands and feet bound, stuffed in a red suitcase. She was found around 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, February 5, just 10 to 15 feet off Glenville Road in Greenwich.

Reyes had worked at Barnes & Noble for three years. No one in her family, her friends, or her colleagues heard from her after she was last seen on January 28.

A worker was put on paid leave after they found Reyes’ body and took photos of the crime scene, CNN reported.

Before she disappeared, Reyes told her mother, Norma Sanchez, that she was scared for her life. She dealt with anxiety and depression and became scared for her life after an ex-boyfriend moved out of her apartment, ABC 7 reported. She was living in a basement apartment in Rochelle, New York, and was scared to be there alone, CNN reported.

Reyes once told her mom, “I’m afraid someone is going to murder me.” But she wouldn’t elaborate and she didn’t say that she was scared of anyone in particular. The conversation happened late January 28, when Reyes called her mom, The New York Times reported. She told her mom that she was hearing about women being murdered and couldn’t get those stories out of her head and couldn’t shake her fear. Later that night, she sent her a text message. “I’m feeling better, Momma.”

During their phone call, her mom asked specifically if she was worried about her ex-boyfriend, and Reyes said no, LoHud reported. Reyes had broken up with a boyfriend on January 24. This is apparently a different ex-boyfriend than da Silva.

Her family had last seen her the day before, on January 27, when she seemed fine. Colleagues said she also seemed fine at work.

Reyes’ most recent boyfriend (not da Silva) is cooperating with police and voluntarily turned in his phone and iPad for analysis.

3. Reyes Was Seen on Surveillance Footage the Morning of January 30 at a Bank in New York, But Sources Say She Was Killed at Her Home


According to a private investigator hired by Reyes’ family, she was seen on surveillance footage at a Manhattan ATM at 2 a.m. on January 30, just a couple days after her friends and family last heard from her, Fox News reported. It wasn’t clear why she was there, if anyone had gone with her, or where she went after the trip to the ATM. The New York Times reported that detectives found a surveillance photo of Valerie Reyes in Chase Bank near Radio City Music Hall on January 30 at 6:30 a.m. (It’s unclear if this is the same surveillance video mentioned on Twitter or if she was seen on surveillance footage twice.)

A friend on Twitter said that Reyes had been seen Tuesday morning, January 29, near the New Rochelle train station. But she didn’t respond to any texts and phone calls went straight to voice mail.

A friend told LoHud that Reyes’ her iPad, iPhone, clothes, and bed sheets were also missing from her home.

Meanwhile, sources told CBS New York that Reyes was killed at her residence. This makes the timeline where she was seen on surveillance photos confusing. We will update this story when more is known about the timeline and when Reyes died.

During a press conference, officials said that they believed Reyes was murdered after her ATM card was fraudulently used.

4. Da Silva, a Citizen of Venezuela, Had Overstayed His Visa & Was in the Country Illegally, Sources Said

Da Silva, who is originally from Venezuela, was in the country illegally after overstaying his visa, according to unnamed sources who spoke to WCBS. He’s from Flushing, Queens.

Reyes’ mother, Norma Sanchez, told CBS New York that da Silva was fixated on horror movies, but a lot of people are who don’t end up like he did.

5. Reyes’ Mother Said that Reyes & Da Silva Dated for About Eight Months & He Was ‘Really Pushy’

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Norma Sanchez told CBS New York that Reyes and da Silva had only dated for about eight months. Da Silva was “really pushy, wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she said. Reyes got frustrated with him, and that’s when the relationship ended.

Reyes’ most recent boyfriend, Justin Orda, told Crime Online that the arrest was a huge surprise. He said he didn’t believe that Reyes and da Silva were ever “officially” in a relationship, although da Silva wanted to be. He said Reyes hadn’t even talked about da Silva recently, and he never got the impression that she was fearful of him. In fact, he though da Silva had moved to California.

Greenwich Police Captain Robert Berry said in a statement: “We are confident that the pursuit of justice for Valerie will be successful and we continue to work with the family to provide closure to this tragedy. We are asking the public for any information they may possess concerning Valerie and/or her disappearance. Information may be left at the Greenwich Police Tip Line at (203) 622-3333 and email at Tips@greenwichct.org.”

This is a developing story.