Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, October 25

Firefighters are struggling to control the flames raging across California right now. Powerful winds are expected to keep fueling the wildfires through the weekend.

Divorced parents arguing about whether their young son should transition will maintain joint custody of the child.

And no one believed a patient who insisted that he wasn’t drinking alcohol. Doctors eventually figured out that his stomach was brewing its own alcohol.

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TOP STORY: Wildfires Explode Across California

Kincade Fire

A home burns at a vineyard during the Kincade fire near Geyserville, California on October 24, 2019.

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee from their homes in both northern and southern California as wildfires spread rapidly. The flames are being fueled by the gusting Santa Ana winds. Low humidity levels are also to blame.

In the northern part of the state, residents are dealing with the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County. The fire sparked Wednesday night and has now charred more than 16,000 acres.

The utility company PG&E may be to blame. The company revealed that equipment on a nearby transmission tower broke just before the Kincade Fire erupted. It’s not yet clear if the malfunctioned equipment sparked the fire or not. PG&E says the line had been left on even as the company shut off power in other areas to try to avoid sparking a wildfire.

Forecasters say the wildfire threat is going to continue through the weekend. The National Weather Service says high winds could ramp up again Saturday evening and Sunday in northern California. Keep track of the Kincade Fire with interactive maps here.

Meanwhile, the Tick Fire forced more than 50,000 people to evacuate in northern Los Angeles County. That brush fire sparked Thursday afternoon. Public schools are closed and the 14 Freeway was shut down due to the threat from the flames. Firefighters told CBS Los Angeles that the powerful winds are making it much harder for teams to get the wildfire under control as it burns through about 4,000 acres and damages homes. Find evacuation maps and videos of the Tick Fire here.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Divorced Parents Locked In Gender Transition Dispute Retain Joint Custody Of Their Son

james younger

FacebookJames Younger with his dad.

Divorced parents fighting about whether their 7-year-old son should receive gender transition drugs must figure it out between themselves. That was the decision issued by District Court Judge Kim Cooks, who ruled that Dr. Anne Georgulas and Jeff Younger should maintain joint custody of their children and that both should have a say in their children’s medical care.

This case has caught the attention of the nation. Georgulas says that their son, James Younger, identifies as a girl and goes by the name “Luna.” She wants to start him on hormone replacement therapy as he gets closer to the age of puberty.

But Younger doesn’t believe that giving his son puberty blockers is in the child’s best interests. He claims that his ex-wife has imposed her own wishes onto their son and that James has expressed being happy as a boy. During family court, Judge Cooks also heard testimony from a medical expert who advocated for waiting until a child is older before making such a big decision about whether to transition.

After a legal back-and-forth over custody, Judge Cooks ruled on October 24 that Georgulas and Younger will continue to share custody of James. That means they both have to sign off before the child can undergo any medical treatments. The Judge also imposed a gag order on both parents, preventing them from speaking to the media about the case.

As all of this drags on, state officials in Texas are getting involved. The Department of Family and Protective Services and the Texas Attorney General’s Office are both investigating, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed. The agencies will reportedly look into potential abuse against the child.

OFF-BEAT: A Man’s Stomach Was Brewing Alcohol After He Ate Carbs

Imagine feeling drunk even though you haven’t had even a single sip of alcohol. That was how one patient felt for more than six years before doctors finally figured out what was going on in his stomach.

The man was suffering from a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome. Research on his case was recently published in the medical journal BMJ Open Gastroenterology. According to the report, the syndrome occurs when “carbohydrates are converted to alcohol by fungi in the gastrointestinal tract.”

The patient, whose name was not made public, was prescribed antibiotics in 2011 for a “complicated traumatic thumb injury.” About a week after he was done taking the medication, the man said he began to experience “episodes of depression, ‘brain fog’, and aggressive behavior.” He was also cited for driving under the influence of alcohol. Police and hospital workers didn’t believe his claim that he hadn’t been drinking. It was theorized that the antibiotics he had taken had interfered with the bacteria in his stomach, causing the change.

He eventually sought treatment from a facility in Ohio that had previously dealt with a similar case. The doctors there watched him eat carbs in order to confirm that he had auto-brewery syndrome. He underwent treatment and was told to stick to a non-carb diet.

But he wasn’t cured just yet. After several dangerous flare-ups, he sought help from a separate set of doctors at Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island, New York. The team monitored him for two months and treated his stomach with antifungal therapy in order to kill the substance that was fueling the “booze” in his stomach. He then was told to eat probiotics in order to regrow healthy bacteria in his stomach. Today, doctors say he is able to enjoy a slice of pizza.


ayesha harrison jex

FacebookAyesha Harrison Jex, Shaq’s sister.

  • Ayesha Harrison Jex, the sister of basketball great Shaquille O’Neal, has passed away at age 40 from cancer.
  • Rev. Matthew Watley delivered the invocation at the October 25 funeral of Rep. Elijah Cummings in Baltimore.
  • Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband are facing additional charges in the college admissions scandal, which could result in longer prison sentences.
  • Pope Francis may allow married men to become priests in the Amazon.
  • Kelly Bachman is a New York-based comedian who called out Harvey Weinstein as he sat in the crowd during one of her shows and the clip has gone viral.
  • SNL’s Pete Davidson was seen hanging out with Cindy Crawford’s teenage daughter, Kaia Gerber, sparking romance rumors.


An office building in Seattle has some new artwork adorning the elevator that is catching a lot of attention this week. Rudy Willingham, a professional artist and photographer, created a visual display in celebration of the Seattle Seahawks that can be appreciated even if the Seahawks aren’t your team.

The piece shows quarterback Russell Wilson completing a pass to receiver Tyler Lockett. Wellingham shared the video on Twitter and Instagram, racking up more than 1.6 million views.

The Seahawks organization caught wind of the video as well and shared it to the team’s official Twitter handle with the caption, “That @DangeRussWilson ➡ @TDLockett12 connection is everywhere these days ??

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