Amanda Noverr: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Amanda Noverr was identified by Kleberg County officials as the woman with Adam Curtis Williams when he drove James and Michelle Butler’s RV and truck across the Mexican border. The Butlers were last seen on October 15 and their bodies were found buried in a shallow grave close to where they had been camping on the beach. Police now have both Williams and Noverr in custody. Here is what you need to know about Amanda Noverr.

1. She Was Identified as the Woman with Adam Curtis Williams When He Drove Across the Border

Kleberg County Sheriff

Police identified Amanda Noverr as the woman who was with Adam Curtis Williams when he was photographed driving over the border into Mexico with the Butlers’ RV and truck. The Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the spelling of her last name with Heavy.

The only photo released by police so far, which was taken from surveillance footage of Williams’ crossing the border with the Butlers’ RV and truck, did not have a clear view of Noverr. It’s not known if the surveillance video, which has not yet been released, showed a clearer view of her at any point.

2. Noverr & Williams Are Both from Utah


Noverr is from Utah, which is where Adam Curtis Williams was from.

According to her LinkedIn, Noverr is from Logan, Utah. She worked from 2010 to 2011 as a sales associated at Midwest Center. She wrote, in part: “I was responsible for selling a self help program to people struggling with anxiety and depression.The job required that I be very passionate towards the customers feelings/needs as well as making them feel comfortable about talking to me and sharing there personal experiences. I had to really get to know the customer and express that I was there to help them.”

She worked as a boxer at Schreiber from 2008 to 2010, in customer service for Convergys in 2008, and in customer service for Qwest from 2006 to 2008. She lists her education as graduating from Mountain Crest High School.

According to public records, she was once married and her last name then was Barker. She and her husband filed bankruptcy in 2017.

Court records show that she was convicted of public intoxication and misdemeanor assault in Logan County in 2012.

Adam Williams had a long criminal history in Utah, including spending significant time in federal prison for drug trafficking and firearm possession. He pleaded guilty and said he was carrying the firearms for protection while distributing drugs. In December 2018, after serving time in jail since 2010, he was released on supervised release. He later violated that release when he was found with heroin. In August 2019, more allegations were being filed against him, including rape. You can read more about his criminal history in Heavy’s story here.

3. Noverr Was in Mexico with Her Three-Year-Old Child When She Was Found

Noverr was in Mexico with her three-year-old child when she was taken into custody. An arrest warrant for felony theft has also been issued for Noverr, officials said in a press conference on Thursday. She is being moved from Mexico to Houston.

The three-year-old’s sister had posted a plea on Facebook the day before, saying that they hadn’t seen her little sister in days. She updated her plea with a message of thanks, noting that they were getting her sister back soon.

Officials said the little girl was with Noverr when she and Williams crossed the border, but they wouldn’t comment on whether the girl was with them when the Butlers were killed. Officials have not charged Williams or Noverr with the Butlers’ deaths.

4. The Butlers Were Last Seen Alive on October 15 & Had Just Left the Balli RV Park for a New Location on the Beach


On Sunday night October 27, a female’s remains were found in a shallow grave near where the couple was last seen, the Caller Times reported.

During the press conference on Monday, November 4, officials said that an officer was investigating the area, trying to get GPS coordinates, when he saw what appeared to be human remains in the sand. The site was secured because it was at night and they returned the next morning. That was when they discovered a male body too. Lt. David Mendoza, who is leading the investigation, said animals had been digging up the grave and that’s why the bodies were found.

When asked how they died, Mendoza said on Monday that they weren’t commenting on it because it was an important part of their investigation.

There were three cats in the RV with them and it’s not known what happened to the cats. The cats are pictured in the photo above.


Officials said during a press conference on Monday, November 4, that the Butlers were last seen alive on October 15 when they moved out of the Balli RV Park. The park office said they were gone from the site by 12 p.m. Later on October 15, Michelle Butler posted on Facebook, saying they arrived at their new home and planned to be there a couple of weeks.

Here is the timeline of when James and Michelle Butler were last seen, according to the Finding Michelle & James Butler Facebook Page:

  • October 14: Checking out of Padre Balli Campground (officials said this was October 15.)
  • October 15: Last Facebook post was setting up on Burners Beach near Corpus Christi, Texas
  • October 15: Michelle last spoke to her son.
  • October 16: Last known text.
  • October 17: Missed a scheduled Facetime with their granddaughter to see her open a package they sent from Flour Bluff.
  • October 19: Camper last seen on Burners Beach without their truck.
  • October 21: RV and truck were gone. GPS devices could not detect their vehicles.

Attempts to locate their vehicles through On-star were not successful and the service appeared to have been turned off. An update on the “Finding Michell & James Butler” Facebook page said that relatives tried to contact On-star daily. First they tried talking into their truck and never got a response. As of October 24, all attempts were returned with “out of service” messages.

5. The Butlers Were Living Their Dream & Their Next Stop Was Going to Be Selling Christmas Trees in Florida

The couple is from Rumney, New Hampshire. Prior to their disappearance, they had talked to relatives almost every day. James Butler shared this photo from the road in Texas in June 2019.


He was a 21-year-Navy veteran, his sister told KIII-TV, and had always dreamed of traveling the world.

The Butlers’ family believed the couple was heading to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for a part-time job and they were supposed to arrive on November 20. James Butler’s sister, Deborah van Loon, told KRZTV 10 that the couple was part of a Work to Camp program where they work jobs around the country. They were going to sell Christmas trees in Florida for a month starting November 20, and they were supposed to be at Burners Beach in Corpus Christi for about two weeks.

Mendoza said in a press conference that James Butler was a friendly and generous person. He said people who don’t know each other often meet up at that part of the beach and hang out.

A sign outside the Butlers’ home in Rumney, New Hampshire reads: “Because Nice Matters.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family of James and Michelle Butler. You can donate to it here. An update on the GoFundMe reads: “Thank you all so very very much. We are making plans slowly and these funds will help to get James and Michelle home and for services and to help get his children here for services. Your support is unbelievably gracious and the comfort it brings is much more than you know.”

If you have any information, please call the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office at 361-595-8500.