Chicago Sisters Stabbed Security Guard 27 Times in Mask Dispute: Cops

Chicago sisters stab security guard masks

Cook County Sheriffs Office Jayla Hill, left, and Jessica Hill.

Two Chicago sisters have been denied bond after police say they stabbed a security guard nearly 30 times when he asked them to wear face masks, according to WTTW News.

Jessica Hill, 21, and her 18-year-old sister, Jayla Hill, were arrested on October 27 on charges of attempted murder, the station reported. Police say the siblings entered a shoe store in Lawndale on October 25 when they stabbed a security worker at least 27 times over a mask dispute, the Chicago Sun Times added.

“It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying,” Cook County Judge Mary Marubio said during the bond hearing on Tuesday, October 27, the newspaper reported.

When the 32-year-old man asked the women to put on masks and use hand sanitizer, a verbal dispute ensued, the Chicago Sun Times said. Jessica and Jayla Hill refused to follow his requests.

Jessica Hill then started to stab the man with a “comb knife,” while her younger sister restrained him, the newspaper continued.

The Snipes security guard was treated at a nearby hospital, the outlet said. His wounds did not require surgery, it added.

Both sisters are being held in the Cook County Jail without bail, according to online jail records. Their next court appearance is scheduled for November 4.

Snipes employees told a Chicago Sun-Times reporter “that they were told not to speak with the media.”

Heavy has reached out to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and is awaiting a response.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jayla Hill Began Recording the Snipes Guard on Her Cell Phone Before the Stabbing, Local Media Says

Cook County prosecutors said Jayla Hill “took out her cellphone and began filming the security guard who asked her and her sister to leave for refusing to wear masks,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The 18-year-old called someone to “kick his ass,” the outlet continued. The 270-pound security guard then attempted to grab the phone, the Chicago Sun Times said.

Before the stabbing, surveillance footage shows one of the sisters smashing the guard’s face with a trash can before they both began to punch him, the newspaper reported.

Jessica Hill took out a knife with a hidden blade and started to stab the man in the neck, back and arms, while her sister “grabbed his hair to keep from moving,” the Chicago Sun Times disclosed.

“The security guard and an assistant store manager pleaded for the sisters to stop,” the outlet said. “When the victim finally broke free, the women allegedly kicked him in the head and body.”

The security guard managed to prevent the sisters from fleeing Snipes until police arrived, prosecutors indicated to the newspaper.

The Sisters’ Attorney Claims They Were Acting in Self-Defense

The court-appointed attorney for Jessica and Jayla Hill is arguing that the attempted murder charges are unfit because the sisters acted in self defense, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The attorney claimed at the Tuesday, October 27, bond hearing that both women have bipolar disorder, the newspaper continued.

Jayla Hill would not have filmed the encounter if she planned to commit a crime with her sister, the attorney argued, the Chicago Sun Times added.

However, the Cook County Judge cited concern over the “sheer number” of stab wounds to the victim, the outlet continued.

“This is just too random and quickly escalating,” Marubio said, according to the Chicago Sun Times. “I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community.”

Jessica Hill Has a Previous Arrest Record

hill arrest

Chicago Police DepartmentScreenshot of Jessica Hill’s arrest record on the Chicago Police Department website.

According to online Chicago Police Department arrest records, Jessica Hill was arrested on October 8, 2017 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

However, local news outlets are reporting that neither sisters have a criminal record.

“A defense attorney representing the sisters said her clients had no criminal background,” WTTW News said.

The station added that Jessica and Jayla Hill recently graduated from Chicago Public Schools and are “college-bound.”

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