Kamala Harris’ Side-Eye Expressions at Pence Trending During Debate

Kamala Harris side-eye

Getty Kamala Harris has given a side-eye expression to Mike Pence during the debate, people are noting.

Senator Kamala Harris is known for her animated expressions during debates. During the Vice Presidential Debate, many people are talking on Twitter about the side-eye she’s been giving Vice President Mike Pence during the debate.

Commentary and tweets about her side-eye looks took over Twitter during the debate. Here are some examples.

Her Side-Eye Moments Are Getting A Lot of Attention on Twitter

Ana Navarro-Cardenas of CNN tweeted: “Damn. @KamalaHarris shading Mike Pence with these looks, is giving me life.”

This particular moment is being shared all over Twitter.

Here’s another example.

One person described her side-eye as “eviscerating.”

Some said those moments were their favorite part of the debate. On Twitter, viewer Vanessa Richardson shared the photo below and wrote: “Seeing Pence’s reflection while Kamala gives him the side-eye has been my favorite part.”

One of the major side-eye moments happened when Harris said, “We used to have a country that believed in science. That invested in science.”

Some compared her side-eye expressions to Michelle Obama’s inauguration expressions.

Another said that she could debate just with her side-eye expressions.

Other people chimed in by sharing a history of her impactful side-eye expressions in previous events.

And quite a few memes and GIFs were born based on her side-eye moments too.

One person wrote: “Kamala with the side eye all night. She wins on facial expressions alone #VPDebates”

Someone has even renamed their Twitter account and dedicated it to her side-eye expression.

While Her Expressions Are Getting Attention, Others Are Wondering if Pence Has Pink Eye

But while people can’t stop talking about her expressions, they also can’t stop wondering if Pence has pink eye.

Some are sharing photos and wondering if it’s a coronavirus symptom.

According to WebMD, pink eye can be a coronavirus symptom. It’s not known of Pence has pink eye. One study of 38 patients with COVID-19 found that 12 had pink eye. Researcher Dr. Liang Liang said: “Some COVID-19 patients have ocular symptoms, and maybe novel coronaviruses are present in the conjunctival secretions of patients with COVID-19.”

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