Sandeep Nahar Dead: Bollywood Actor Left Facebook Suicide Note, Video

sandeep nahar dead

Facebook Sandeep Nahar

Sandeep Nahar was a Bollywood actor who died after leaving a tragic suicide note and video on Facebook.

He starred in movies like Kesari and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Although a formal cause of death was not announced, it’s believed he died of suicide, according to multiple reports.

People expressed outrage toward Nahar’s wife Kanchan Sharma on social media as word spread that he recorded a video about marital problems before his death. India TV News reported that Nahar made the video only three hours before he died. His wife has not commented on the accusations.

Here’s what you need to know:

Nahar’s Wife Found Him ‘in a Hanging Condition,’ Reports Say

Asian News International wrote on Twitter that Nahar’s wife “told police that she along with two others recovered his body in a hanging condition. The body has been sent for postmortem and the exact cause of his death can be ascertained after that.” Her name is sometimes given as Kanchaan Sharma.

According to Republic, Sandeep Nahar “was found unconscious at his flat in suburban Goregaon in the evening by his wife Kanchan and friends who took him to SVR Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vishal Thakur said to Times of India, “The body has been sent for postmortem and the exact cause of his death can be ascertained after that.”

Nahar Left a Tragic Suicide Note & Video

According to Republic World, Nahar posted a “suicide note” on Facebook, along with a nine-minute video. It’s now deleted, and it was in the Hindi language.

The site says the actor said he was “frustrated” with constant fights with his wife and made other claims against both her and his mother-in-law.

The site quoted him as saying, “I would’ve died by suicide a long time ago but I chose to give myself the time and hope that things would get better, but they didn’t. I now have nowhere to go. I don’t know what awaits me after I take this step, but I’ve been through hell in this life.”

Get India News further quotes the video as saying, “You must have seen me in many films. I played the character of Chhotu Bhaiya in MS Dhoni. Today, the purpose is to make this video. The purpose is that many problems are going on in our lives. I am not mentally stable. The reason for this is my wife Kanchan Sharma. I have been going through the trauma for a year and a half. I have repeatedly explained this to my wife. 365 days fight. Talk every day about suicide. She says I will die and will trap you.”

The India Times reprinted the note, although it’s no longer available on his page. “In the note, he stated that he was going to die by suicide. He also added that no one from his family should be made responsible for his actions. The actor said that he has been going through a lot of problems, personal as well as professional,” the site noted.

People Offered Tributes to Sandeep Nahar on Social Media

People offered tributes to Nahar on social media. Here are some of them:

“Rest in peace mr sandeep nahar.”

“One more gone.. too soon..”

Other people expressed anger at Nahar’s wife.

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