7 Elaborately Themed Weddings That Totally Ran With It

Spending $1 million on a wedding isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? Spending $9 million on a wedding. That’s Facebook billionaire Sean Parker’s philosophy and he’s dropping some major coin on an extravagant ceremony that includes a backdrop of ruins, bridges, ponds, a cottage, oh, and costumes for the guests made by Lord of the Rings designer Ngila Dickinson.

While that kind of cash sure is impressive, here are a few other weddings that took themes, ran with them, and never looked back.

The Disney Wedding

Disney Wedding Theme

Jamie Chandler left no detail unconsidered when planning her Disney wedding. She married Christopher while the two were dressed as Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. The bridesmaids were the princesses and the groomsmen channeled villains. It was a largely DIY production, including decorations and bouquets. Christopher proposed to Jamie with a glass slipper holding an engagement ring at Disney World, so the couple brought that magic and whimsy to their friends and family.

Disney Wedding Bouquets

Disney Princess Bridesmaids Dresses

The Harry Potter Wedding

Harry Potter Wedding

The Harry Potter cultural phenomenon lives on as those who grew up with the books are getting to be marriage age. Spectra and Sawyer tied the knot with a magical Harry Potter theme, with not a single thing overlooked. The wedding programs were modeled after the Marauder’s Map and they called the wedding grounds the “Burrows,” in reference to the Weasley family’s home. Guests received wands as a favor and cast a spell on the couple during the ceremony.

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Harry Potter Wedding

The Superhero Wedding

Superhero Themed Wedding

How awesome would it be if Wonder Woman married Batman? Well, you can stop imagining, because Neil and Sharon made it a reality. They went so far with the comic book themed wedding that they rocked Wonder Woman and Batman costumes instead of the traditional gown and tux, and the entire wedding party followed suit. As an added bonus, the costumes are much cheaper than the usual wedding attire.

Superhero Theme Wedding

The Shrek Wedding


Christine and Keith embraced the 21st century fairy tale in a big way. After spending 3 hours getting their make-up done, the couple exchanged vows dressed as the ogres Shrek and Princess Fiona. Keith bares a natural resemblance to the famous ogre, which inspired Christine to plan the wedding around the beloved animated film.

The Minecraft Wedding

Minecraft Theme Wedding

Minecraft may be a frivolous computer game to some, but to Matt and Asia, the game means true love. Though the two met at church, they really cemented their connection through Minecraft. The game’s creators even lent a hand at the proposal, which took place at MineCon, of course. When it came time to plan the wedding, choosing a Minecraft theme was a no-brainer.

Minecraft Wedding

The James Bond Wedding

James Bond Themed Wedding

Legendary lothario James Bond is unlikely to take a wife, but that didn’t stop millionaire businessman Abdul Hasan from dropping about $150,000 on a 007-themed wedding. Hasan married Layla Khatun while flying in the same jet that Sean Connery flew in Goldfinger and the reception was held in a Boeing 747 from Casino Royale. The couple then flew off to the honeymoon in a helicopter from Goldeneye. Of course, Daniel Craig, Oddjob, and Blofeld lookalikes were in attendance.

James Bond Wedding

The Zombie Wedding

Zombie Wedding

Zombies and weddings go together like brains and sawed-off shotguns, which would be why Thea and Adam chose to stage their nuptials at the ninth annual Toronto Zombie Walk. The bride was carried down the aisle in a coffin, to the tune of organ music. She carried a bouquet of skulls and funeral flowers, naturally, and the zombie make-up managed to be realistic, but not gross. A storybook wedding, really.

Zombie Themed Wedding

Zombie Theme Wedding