Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Mom

Since your mother is at the top of your Christmas gift list, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for her.

With everything from beauty to kitchen to inspirational, we have the products that are sure to make her smile.

Make new Christmas memories by placing these under your family’s tree this holiday season.

1. Desk Calendar

2015 calendars, gifts for mothers

Even though she does already, your mom will think of you more each day with this desk calendar.

Inspirational quotes and serene artwork make this gift as special as your mother.

Buy on Amazon for $17.49.

2. Ornament

gifts for mom, mother gifts

Hallmark never disappoints with their keepsake ornament collection.

“Like Mother Like Daughter,” dated 2014, will be a perfect addition to her tree.

Buy on Amazon for $15.95.

3. Lasagna Pan

baking pans, lasagna pans, gifts for moms, gifts for new moms

As seen on Shark Tank, Baker’s Edge creates unique cookware, which makes the perfect gift for your mom’s kitchen.

The design on this lasagna pan prevents the collapse of the delicious layers.

If your mom is more of a baker, they also make a brownie pan to maximize chewy edges.

Buy on Amazon for $49.95.

4. Amazing Grace Set

makeup sets for women, hand lotion sephora

Pamper your mother with this luxurious beauty set.

It contains a combo bottle of shampoo, bath and shower gel, a firming body emulsion and a fragrance spray.

Buy on Amazon for $69.90.

5. Kate Spade Bag

kate spade bags, new kate spade bags, presents for mothers, presents for new moms, best gifts for mothers

This leather bag, with multiple pockets- including an exterior one- is perfect for mothers on the go.

It’s cross-body strap makes it convenient and comfortable.

You can’t go wrong with this color, Warm Putty, but if you want a variety of choices, it’s also available in Geranium and Pebble.

Buy this on Amazon for $198.00.

6. Oprah’s New Book

celebrity memoirs 2014, best books for christmas gifts

Oprah released this book, What I Know For Sure, in September. It is full of inspirational essays that will touch your mother’s heart.

The hardcover edition makes a great coffee table book.

Buy on Amazon for $18.80.

7. Quotable Tote Bag

mother present ideas, gifts for mom, tote bags, mother presents for christmas

Quotable Cards makes totes, magnets, candles, cards and mugs with inspiring messages.

This tote bag is not only practical but has a deeper meaning your mom will surely love.

Buy on Amazon for $17.95.

8. Salon Style Nail Dryer

beauty products, beauty products christmas presents

If your mother has no time to go to the nail salon, get her this nail dryer that will surely make her life a little easier.

Add some Essie nail polish to complete the gift.

Buy on Amazon for $79.00.

9. Touch Screen Gloves

touchscreen gloves

So your mom can answer your texts and calls, buy her these warm and stylish gloves which have touch screen capabilities.

They come in beige, black, light grey, light blue and orange, so choose your mom’s favorite color.

Buy on Amazon for $19.99.

10. Vera Bradley Cosmetic Case

vera bradley cosmetic case

You can’t go wrong with a floral Vera Bradley cosmetic case.

The lining is plastic so is perfect for your mother’s beauty products. The bags are offered in a variety of prints, so you can select the best one for her.

Buy on Amazon for $28.99.