Oscar Party Ideas 2016: Best Easy Cocktail Recipes for Oscars Night

Oscar Night Cocktails

Whether you're celebrating the 88th Academy Awards with a soiree or just kicking back on the couch with the leading man or leading lady in your life, we have some simple and delicious cocktail recipes to make your Oscar night sparkle. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of alcohol to help get you through the inevitable boring parts of the broadcast. We've compiled 10 easy cocktails to serve during an Oscar-watching party. If you like bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, or champagne - there's something for everyone in our collection of recipes. And the award for best champagne flavored jelly shots goes to...this recipe. These fun gelatin shots, which are the classiest looking ones we've ever seen, will be ready in about four hours. You can decorate them with sanding sugar for even more glitz. The recipe makes 12 but you can easily increase the amount for a bigger crowd. Now click through our gallery for more classic cocktails that will take you from Chris Rock's opening monologue to the end credits. (Getty)

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