British Open 2019 Course: Site of 5 Pivotal ‘Games of Thrones’ Scenes


On Thursday, the 2019 British Open kicks off at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, and if the expansive greenery of the lands and historic castles seen in the background look familiar, it’s because this is the exact area where HBO’s Game of Thrones filmed. The hit series constructed 25 of show’s sets in this gorgeous countryside, and will be on display during the 148th British Open tournament.

For those who’ve never had the chance to take an official tour of the Seven Kingdoms, Royal Portrush is located in Country Antrim, the setting of numerous pivotal scene in Game of Thrones, and fans of the show will now get see different kind of conquerers taking over King’s Road, like Rory McIllroy, Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Patrick Cantlay, Justin Rose, Xander Schaufflele, Francesco Molinari and more, take over the fictionally royal area and fight to be named champion.

Warning: For those that have not watched the show, these descriptions will contain show spoilers! Here are the Top 5 major moments from Game of Thrones that were filmed near the British Open course….

1. The Greyjoy Castle

DUNLUCE CASTLE | CASTLE GREYJOY | GAME OF THRONESDunluce Castle is a now-ruined medieval castle in Bushmills, Northern Ireland. It is located on the edge of a basalt outcropping in County Antrim, and is accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland. It is also use as the location of Castle Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. There is also a sea cave…2017-06-06T15:39:11.000Z

The home of the Greyjoys in real life is the 16th century fortress known as The Dunluce Castle, which sits on the edge of Country Antrim, and is only accessible by a bridge that connects it to the mainland. In George R.R. Martin’s world, this is the castle home of Greyjoy family, the capital of the Iron Islands, where Theon Greyjoy was born!

2. The Iron Islands Seaport

Theon’s Baptism

The true home of Theon Greyjoy, the Lord’s port in Isle of Pyke, where Theon first met his sister, Yara Greyjoy, the brave command their fleet of ships, and viewers met his awful father Balon, is actually called Ballintoy Harbour. These are the same waters where Greyjoy was baptized and announced, “I am Greyjoy, Lord Reaper of Pyke, King of Sultan Rock, Son of the Seawind, no man gives me a crown.. I pay the iron price!”

3. The Dothraki Village in Season 1

Game of Thrones S1

When Khaleesi was first presented to her future husband Khal Drago, it was in the grasslands near the Dothraki Sea in Esteros. But in real life, these grasslands are in Northern Ireland, and just down the street from where Tiger Woods and others are teeing off at Royal Portrush.

4. The Beaches of Dorn

Jaime and Bronn Land in Dorne – Game of Thrones S05E04 – Full HD2015-05-04T15:24:14.000Z

In Season 5, when Jamie Lannister travels to retrieve his daughter Myrcella, he and Bronn find themselves in trouble the moment they get off their ship in Dorn’s beach port. However, this sandy area is actually located in the Northern Island town, Portstewart, which neighbors the Royal Portrush course.

5. Slaver’s Bay

Tyrion & Jorah run into slavers Season 5 Episode 6Tyrion uses his supposed wit and quick thinking to keep himself and Jorah alive, something we haven’t seen him have to do since the very first season2015-05-18T16:53:07.000Z

Another major moment in Season 5, when after the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister and Jorah Mormont are captured in Slaver’s Bay. The area in which they are ambushed and taken by slavers, is the exact same grassy and rocky terrain for which PGA players are teeing off at Royal Portrush.

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